10 best draft choices by the Clippers since 1990

Blake Griffin made five All-Star teams with the Clippers. [Image Source: Flickr | Keith Allison]
Blake Griffin made five All-Star teams with the Clippers. [Image Source: Flickr | Keith Allison]

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan helped guide the Clippers to the playoffs on a yearly basis.

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The next team to be looked at in the series of top 10 draft picks since 1990 is the Los Angeles Clippers. Some recent success (compared with their previous history which could be described as miserable) sees two players who were on the team, as recently as 2018, lead the way. The Clippers currently own the 48th and 56th pick in this Thursday's draft and NBADraft.net has them selecting center Moses Brown out of UCLA and guard Marcos Louzada Silva out of Brazil with those picks.

In order to make the list, the player must have actually been drafted by the Clippers. Only the player's impact with the Clippers is considered (players such as Al Farouq-Aminu and Shaun Livingston made more of an impact after leaving the team). Where they were drafted can matter meaning if a 26th overall pick had almost as much impact as a fourth overall pick, then the 26th overall pick will be higher.

The team's draft picks were found at Basketball Reference.


Blake Griffin - First round, first overall (2009)

The 2010-11 Rookie of the Year, Griffin was an All-Star in each of his first five seasons and averaged over 20 points a contest in six of his seven full seasons with the Clippers.


DeAndre Jordan - Second round, 35th overall (2008)

An All-Star in 2016-17, Jordan led the league in rebounding twice (2013-14 and 2014-15) and field goal percentage for five straight seasons from 2012-13 until 2016-17.

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