10 most disappointing players for each position at the quarter mark of the regular season

Joey Votto isn't hitting for power or average so far in 2019. [Image Source: Flickr | Jamie Smed]
Joey Votto isn't hitting for power or average so far in 2019. [Image Source: Flickr | Jamie Smed]

Joey Votto and Jose Ramirez are among the players who haven't yet reached expectations in 2019.

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Now that each MLB team has played at least 41 games, we have officially reached (and slightly surpassed) the quarter mark of the 2019 regular season.

Not everyone has gotten off to the start that they have hoped for. These players have seen their share of struggles at the plate or mound through the first 40+ games of the 2019 regular season.

Here is the most disappointing player at each position so far this year as the regular season is around 25 percent complete. Remember this is a subjective list, and these players still have three-quarters of the year to turn it around. This also isn't the worst player at each position, this is most disappointing as compared to what was expected of them once the season began.


Second base - Robinson Cano, New York Mets

CBS Sports explained how both Cano's strikeout rates and swing-and-miss rates in 2019 are far higher than what they previously were in his career. His .257 average and .388 slugging percentage would both be the lowest of his career by a fairly large margin.


Catcher - Francisco Cervelli, Pittsburgh Pirates

It was arguably the best season at the plate for Cervelli in 2018 as he posted career-highs in both homers (12) and OPS (.809). Fast-forward a year, and Cervelli is hitting a microscopic .179 with a miserable .236 slugging percentage due to only three extra-base hits (two doubles, one home run).

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