A look at the Rockets' 5 notable free agents this offseason including Austin Rivers

Iman Shumpert will be an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. [Image Source: Flickr | Erik Drost]
Iman Shumpert will be an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. [Image Source: Flickr | Erik Drost]

While none of Houston's upcoming free agents are considered marquee players, it would put a dent into their depth if they were to lose some of them.

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On Friday, the Houston Rockets were disposed of in this season's playoffs after they fell to the Golden State Warriors by the score of 118-113. Golden State has been the Rockets' nemesis for some times as it was the second straight year they were knocked out of the playoffs by them and also the fourth time in the last five years.

It will be an interesting offseason for the Rockets. While it seems like they can't find a way to advance past the Warriors, there is a large contingency who believe that Kevin Durant won't be on Golden State next season. That could open the door for a team such as Houston to take advantage.

So, this will be a very important offseason for the Rockets. HoopsHype took an in-depth look at what they will be facing this offseason after another disappointing postseason exit.

Here's a look at their notable free agents (listed in alphabetical order by last name). The team's free agent list was taken from ESPN. Ages listed are how old they will be when next season begins.


Kenneth Faried (PF/C) - Unrestricted, Age: 29

Faried was picked up by Houston towards the end of January after being waived by the Brooklyn Nets. He started in more than half (13) of his 25 regular season appearances for the Rockets in which he averaged 12.9 points and 8.2 rebounds while shooting an impressive 58.7 percent from the field.


Gerald Green (SF) - Unrestricted, Age: 33

While Green played a fairly large role in the regular season (20.2 minutes per contest), his minutes dropped precipitously in the postseason (8.8). In what was his 12th NBA season, he finished with per game averages of 9.2 points and 2.5 rebounds in a regular season where he made 156 three-pointers.

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