Three members of a YouTube travel vlogger channel have died after falling over a waterfall in Canada. The three were part of the YouTube channel 'High on Life'. Police identified the victims as Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh, and Megan Scraper.

The three YouTube stars were swimming at the top of Shannon Falls in British Columbia when they slipped and fell into a pool. The trio posted travel videos from remote locations and believed in living in the moment. The YouTube channel has 500,000 subscribers and more than 1 million Instagram followers. The Guardian reported that the other members of the group shared a tribute video to their friends.

The team described the trio as the most outgoing people you could ever meet.

Gamble and Lyakh had written a mission statement for the group, which the team read in the video, which emphasized that you can control your thoughts and emotions. The Vancouver Sun says that Scraper fell into a lower pool, 30 meters below and Lyakh and Gamble attempted to rescue her but got swept into the pool below them.

High on Life has recorded dozens of videos of them performing daredevil stunts in exotic and remote locations, including waterfalls and cliffs. Both Gamble and Lyakh and another member of their team received a five-year ban from US federal land after pleading guilty to multiple crimes across the country including walking on a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park.

Gamble and Lyakh ended up only serving a week in jail.

YouTube daredevil stars deaths on the rise

The deaths of YouTube stars making daredevil stunts continue to rise. In 2017, YouTube sensation Wu Yongning fell to his death while he filmed a stunt. Pedro Ruiz was killed by his girlfriend in front of their young daughter. He was recording a stunt where he held a book in front of his chest, thinking it would protect him against a bullet.

Some of these deaths are also caused by people trying to take selfies to post on their social media accounts. A 14-year-old kid was electrocuted in Croatia after he climbed on the roof of a train and tried to take a selfie. Last month in Portugal, an Australian couple were killed after they tried to pose for a selfie on a 30-meter wall.

YouTube stars pay respect to trio

Some on YouTube paid their respects to the trio including the YouTube group Yes Theory who said they were heartbroken to hear about the passing and that they watched them for inspiration.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had received a call about the trio swimming in one of the pools at the top of Shannon Falls. The RCMP spent the entire day working at recovering all three bodies.

Canadian officials are continuing to warn people to be careful in areas like Shannon Falls. The area is polished granite and is extremely slippery with the mist and lichen build up. The investigation is still ongoing.