President Obama's former DNI Chief James Clapper admitted that the intelligence community had identified a suspect who is responsible for transferring leaked DNC emails from Russia to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

James Clapper spoke to Yahoo News in the "Skullduggery" podcast and discussed the intelligence community's findings but did not provide any personal details about their suspect. Clapper said that intelligence officials were "pretty confident" that they had identified the person responsible.

Jake Clapper not sure if Special Counsel knew about possible suspect

Clapper could not say whether the intelligence community's findings were sent to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or whether the information was accurate. The intelligence community has not come out publicly and revealed how the DNC emails and documents ended up in WikiLeaks' hands. The intelligence community also has not shared how they found out about the hack.

The public is unsure about who is truly responsible

Clapper acknowledges having a suspect but could not name them. Meanwhile, The Washington Times noted that Julian Assange had previously told Fox News that he did not receive the files from Russian officials. Therefore, the public really is unsure of who is responsible.

Clapper and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence filed a report weeks before President Trump entered office, saying those in the intelligence community were highly confident that Russia was responsible for the massive breach of the DNC, during the 2016 White House campaign. Along with Clapper, those in private security say they have tied the breaches to Russian sponsored hackers.

Clapper spoke to Yahoo in response to his book release that dived into the situation surrounding the DNC hack that included leaking more than 19,000 private DNC emails and more than 8,000 documents to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Clapper claims that Russia used a "middleman" so that Assange had "plausible deniability" when it came to acknowledging where they got the files from.

The intelligence community had a suspect but they weren't completely sold, so they did not make it public. Clapper's comments go against Trump's constant denials that Russia was responsible for the hacks.

Washington Times noted that "Government agencies and private security researchers have attributed the actual breaches to Russian hackers, but the identity of the conduit who gave the data to WikiLeaks remains a mystery."