Actor Javier Bardem has appeared in Movies like “Skyfall” and “No Country For Old Men” and he is worried about the extent of plastic pollution in the ocean. He had been on a cleaning mission in northern Spain and was appalled at the volume of plastic collected from the ocean by the fishermen. They carry out this activity regularly and send the items for recycling.

Sky News reports that the actor feels uncontrolled waste is disturbing the ecological balance and damaging the environment. There must be an awareness among the people about the ill effects of such a situation.

He wants a greater involvement of corporations and their active participation in the Ocean Rescue campaign to save the world.

Recycle the waste

Javier Bardem had gone to the area as an ambassador for Chivas Venture. They make use of their platform to tackle various social issues like challenges facing the environment. He was impressed by a person who recycled the waste to come up with a product like designer sunglasses. It was not only remarkable but inspirational as well. Bardem feels man must become constructive and not leave the plastic waste at the bottom of the ocean. Man must make efforts to retrieve and recycle them to create useful products. There must be reduced dependence on single-use plastic like straws, throwaway cutlery, and other products.

The bottom line is to protect the planet.

He is married to Penelope Cruz and the two of them practice what they preach. When buying from supermarkets, they carry their own shopping bags and say "no" to plastic bags. Tiny gestures like this will help to change the outlook and make the world a better place to live in.

The menace has reached Antarctica

During a recent trip to Antarctica with Greenpeace, Javier Bardem was shocked to see plastic pollution there as well. He had gone into the ocean in a submersible and discovered plastic even in far off locations. The presence of plastic and microplastics floating in the remote waters adds to the risk for marine animals as well as the world.

The oceans must be protected for the sake of our future generations. The health of the ocean is the barometer for climate change. In order to stop global warming and protect the environment, the ocean must be taken care of. Governments the world over have a major role to play and they must ensure an end to the era of single-use plastic. These are non-biodegradable products and if unchecked, a time might come when there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.