Earlier this month, Vogue Italia magazine faced instant criticism in a Blackface controversy with cover model Gigi Hadid, for which she has since apologized for, according to Cosmopolitan. Now, the Vogue Australia cover for June is receiving criticism as well, this time related to body-shaming. On Wednesday, Rebel Wilson shared her first Vogue Australia cover. She tweeted on her account that being a Vogue cover model is an opportunity which she did not expect would be given to her. The magazine describes her as "switched-on, unafraid, and empowered," praising the Australian "Pitch Perfect 3" star.

Despite her excitement over the cover, others did not share her enthusiasm. Since the cover was released, Wilson has spoken out against accusations that the magazine was using Photoshop to make her appear thinner. On Twitter, Wilson stated that she was not digitally slimmed down.

Cover criticism

Other critiques had to do with the styling choices of a long brown overcoat and black gown. Some fans on Twitter said that the magazine used baggy clothing to cover up Wilson’s plus-size figure, a choice that they found unflattering. Others said that the actress is practically drowning in fabric and layers. The styling choice is seen by some viewers as a way to hide her curvy figure, covering her up rather than flattering her body.

"It looks edited for more than just finishing touches and that makes me sad," one wrote. Another viewer even stated that Wilson's cover does not even look like her at all. It appears almost as if it is another woman entirely. One comment on Twitter stated that even Wilson’s smile appeared altered. Wilson directly responded to that fan, stating that the Photoshop claims are not true, after which the fan immediately apologized.

Fans of the cover

Wilson tweeted in response to the criticism of the cover, showing unedited shots right alongside the published ones to shut down the rumors. "Oh and just so you can see the raw v's the magazine shot, I took a monitor photo myself on the day of the shoot!" According to Gulf News, Wilson shared that her figure appears slimmer due to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

She jokingly added that she ate brownies right after the shoot. While the critics exist, many of her fans liked the cover and how she looked on it. "Congrats! You look amazing! Thanks for being an astounding role model. You give me hope." Wilson's quick comebacks shut down the controversy before it really could take off. She is a proud cover model who is not afraid to stand up for herself.