The threat of WWIII looms large on the horizon. Earlier it was between America and North Korea on the issue of denuclearization in the Korean peninsula. That seems to have taken a back seat, and the focus has shifted to a conflict between the super powers Russia and the United States. The issue is the loss of civilian lives in Syria due to chemical weapon attacks. Both countries have threatened to launch missiles and airlines have been advised to stay away from Syrian airspace.

The New Zealand Herald reports that, given this background, a section of the media has taken up the responsibility of educating its viewers on the dos and don’ts for survival in the event of a real war.

What to store

According to a Kremlin-owned Rossiya-24news broadcast, the contents of the survival pack that would prove useful in the WWIII bomb shelters should be foods that can have a long storage life plus some medicine like iodine that can protect one from radiation. This would imply preparations for a nuclear war.

The foods proposed include rice that can be stored for up to five years or oatmeal that has a lifespan of three to seven years. Then there will be foods like canned meat with a storage life of up to five years, and canned fish whose life is not more than two years. Stuff like chocolate, sweets, and condensed milk should not be taken, but water is a must.

The tension is showing between Russia and the United States in regard to Syria and the people must be kept informed in the event of an actual confrontation.

No one would want to land in such a situation but anything can happen and everyone must be prepared. The TV report added that the panic in America is more evident with the sales of bomb shelters.

Fears of WWIII

Tension between the United States and North Korea appears to be reducing with the possibility of a Trump-Kim summit meeting on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

However, the chemical weapons attack and the death of civilians in Syria has opened up another front and Russia has added a new dimension. No leader in his right mind will want to precipitate a situation that could bring about WWIII. The world has witnessed the devastation caused by a nuclear bomb and would not want another Hiroshima.

Telegraph UK adds that, at the height of tension with North Korea, Hawaii tested the serviceability of its sirens for the first time since the end of the Cold War.

Express UK reports that China laid out the precautions people should take in the event of a nuclear war.