Our planet Earth is home to billions of humans and a variety of flora and fauna but, we disregard them and destroy the Environment to fulfill our selfish needs. Climate change and its accompanying ill effects keep reminding us to treat them the environment with care but we ignore the telltale signs and invite misery in our lives. Therefore, April 22 has been identified as Earth Day. On this day, we must reflect on how best we can make amends for our follies. The Sun UK reports that this is an annual event and the theme for 2018 is End Plastic Pollution.

It will be celebrated by billions of people all over the world and will include environmental campaigners Leonardo di Caprio and Emma Watson.

How it started

The concept of celebrating Earth Day took shape after a major oil spill happened nearly half a century ago. That disaster was a major issue related to the wellbeing of the environment and activists descended on the scene to create awareness among the people. During a UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969, one of the activists proposed that a day should be dedicated to honoring the Earth and the environment. His argument was that human beings are obliged to protect the earth and preserve its resources for future generations.

The result was the first Earth Day.

It was held the next year in 1970 and thousands of schools and colleges across the US participated. Right now, it is celebrated in 192 countries all over the world with participation in billions. Climate change and plastic pollution are two major issues that pose serious dangers to the fragile environment and it is imperative that everyone rises to the challenge.

Agenda for 2018

April 22 on the calendar is marked as Earth Day. It is meant to express our support for the environment and ensure its protection so that the future generation does not suffer. On this day, people are encouraged to do things that will benefit the Earth. A few examples are recycling of useless items, going in for solar power, and extending the green cover by planting trees.

This year, the theme is End Plastic Pollution. Over the years, plastic has invaded our lives and it is difficult to come out of its clutches but we must do it. Such pollution is killing marine animals and is a major threat to them. In the larger interests of society, we must cultivate the habit of saying "no" to plastic. We can make a start by carrying a cloth bag when we go for shopping as we used to do in the past.