In the world, there are places that invoke a feeling of weirdness and can even make you jump out of your skin. These are not imaginary places, they are real places in existence. They are the creepiest and natural wonders you can experience in your lifetime. These are not the ten unique places around the world or the 10 strangest places people actually lived, these are the top eight world’s strangest places people actually lived, these are the top 10 world’s strangest placed that will shock, frighten and horrify you.

1. Door to hell

The Door To Hell is a giant hole which has been on fire in the middle of Karakum Desert for more than 40 years.

It is locally known as the Gates of hell. This giant burning hole is neither a dramatic scene from a science fiction movie nor the resultant effect of an attack on Earth from an outer space. It was created by Soviet geologists who discovered natural gas while drilling at the site but unfortunately the ground below the rig collapsed. They decided to burn it off hoping the fire will use it up. Unfortunately, the fire still burns till date. The 230 foot wide fiery crater which is about 70 meters wide generates a golden glow which lights up the sky. The burning giant hole gives the image of hell as etched into the mind of the human by religion. Besides the continuous burning fire, it also hosts a boiling mud and its gas reserve still remains the world’s largest gas reserve.

2. Hoia Baciu Forest

This is a mysterious forest found in Romania. People who have entered the forest and returned alive without missing like many, always have reactions on their bodies along with mysterious experiences to share. Many witnesses have reported seeing haunted souls wandering in pairs in the form of piercing green eyes covered in a black fog.

Some people living nearby also complained of hearing frightening growls, screams, whisper, and voices in the night. Many visitors have been known to disappear in the forest for periods of time, after which they eventually return with rashes and burns all over their bodies without even remembering where they have been. The creepiest thing about this forest is the dead vegetation encircled by the strange trees in the forest and the UFO which have been witnessed in the surrounding area of the forest.

3. Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where dozens of ships and aircraft are said to have disappeared under strange circumstances without any reasonable explanation. Scientists claim the disappearance is as a result of the formation on the sea floor within the Devil’s Triangle popularly known as Bermuda Triangle, human error, and environmental effects. Also according to the topography of the area, it is subject to violent storms and changes in weather condition.

4. Nazca lines

The Nazca lines are mysterious geoglyphs in Nazca Desert located in Peru. Till date, how these lines came to be have not been explained. The Nazca lines consist of weird figures of animals such as snakes, birds, monkeys and many others.

Yarn, looms, ornamental claps, flowers, plants, objects, and a strange being with one normal hand and one abnormal hand consisting of four fingers. There is not yet an explanation or proof as to who created these well mysterious designed lines. Some say it is related to ancient gods, while others said they are landing strips for aliens. Could it be a ritual site somehow related to astronomy?. This is a question no one has been able to provide answers to. It remains a mystery.

5. Cano Cristales

Cano Cristales is a river of five colors which is indeed a unique biological wonder. Many believe it ran away from paradise and is commonly referred to as the most beautiful river in the world. From September to November, the river transforms into a vibrant explosion of colors.

The blue river’s floor is lined by Macarena clavigera, a special species of plants which turns a brilliant red with the help of sunshine smears of yellow and green sand and a bed of rock covered in dull green sand and a bed of rock covered in dull green mosses. The beautiful river transforms into a living rainbow.

6. Mendenhall Ice cave

In Mendenhall Ice caves, water runs over rocks under blue ceilings inside a partially hollow glacier. The cave is located in Mendel hall valley which is 12 miles from downtown Juneau in Southwest Alaska. Surprisingly, these ice caves are situated inside the glacier.

Unfortunately, changes are occurring in the caves as the glacier increasingly retreats due to global warming which has resulted in the heating of the oceans and a rapid rise in temperature.

7. Lake Natron Petrifying lake

The Pink petrifying water of Lake Natron is a shallow salt and soda reservoir located in the Nothern part of Tanzania. It is one of the most serene lakes found in Africa. This alkaline Africa lake turns most animals unlucky enough to enter it into ghostly statues. The pink coloration is as a result of the presence of salt-loving creatures that thrive in it during the dry season. However, this water is alkaline and harsh and for this reason, it is not hospitable.

8. Thor’s Well

Thor’s well is a 20 feet gigantic deep sinkhole that swallows the stream of seawater around it. However, it doesn’t have much impact on the Pacific ocean because its sea water levels remain perfectly safe.

At high tide, water violently surges out of the giant hole.

The Pacific drainage is carved out of the basalt shoreline of the central Oregon coast at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area near yachts. This has drawn intense curiosity from tourists who have visited from far and near to see this natural wonder.