Now that we are almost done with Spring break, summer is just roughly three months away. So it's time to start planning your summer vacations, woohoo! Tickets and hotels are often quite a lot more expensive during this hotter season and if you are on a tighter budget, it might be great to know which countries or cities require a bit more spending money so you can plan on your financials before your trip. So here are the Top three most expensive cities to live in according to Forbes:


Despite being a fairly tiny country, Singapore remains the world's most expensive city to live in.

The currency used there is the Singapore Dollar and it is roughly about 0.76 US dollar. Traveling in Singapore is fairly easy because of the well-developed transportation system by Mass Rapid Transit trains or the MRT and buses. Taxis are also very common means of transportation in this country/city. One other plus side of traveling to Singapore is that you do not have to worry about not being able to communicate as almost everybody speaks English. And what is also nice about Singapore is its clean water that is accessible almost everywhere around the country. So it is one great way to save your cash from buying plastic water bottles to carry around.

Paris, France

This city of love ranks number two for the world's most expensive cities.

Being the home of the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris remains one of the worlds most visited cities. But, the French iconic tower is not the only reason the city is roaming with tourists. Paris also offers a lot of other tourist attraction, such as the Louvre Museum, that houses Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting, the Arc de Triomphe museum, etc.

Other than that, all of that delicious French food is another plus side on visiting Paris. One of the most common things that can make traveling to Paris a bit more pricey is their cab fares. So one thing you can do to save up on transportation is taking the metro or the bus.

Zurich, Switzerland

Now, this biggest city of Switzerland is great for an artsy and shopping trip.

And like the first two cities, Zurich also has an excellent public transportation system, which is a great way to save some of your budget and probably some money aside for a quick shopping trip along the city. Another great thing about Zurich's transportation system is how they offer free bike rentals, which is a great way to not only save some money but also get some exercise done as well and contribute in saving the environment. Strolling around Zurich is an absolute must, as it offers beautiful views that you cannot find anywhere else!

So there you go! Top three most expensive cities in the world. Enjoy your soon-to-be-arriving Summer Vacation!