Ryan Dalton was just trying to film his daughter doing something silly when something weird happened. The father from Alabama was taking a video of his daughter Maya, eating bread with peanut butter. She was acting so silly, licking the peanut butter off the bread while giggling, which what might have prompted her father to get his phone and catch the silly event on camera.

Little did he know that something weird was about to happen. The little girl suddenly pointed to the window and said, "Dad... Spooky". Spooked out himself, the dad looked at the window and saw nothing.

He eventually shared the video on his Twitter account (@capetownbrown). Watch the viral video below.

Reaction from people online

People raved about what happened. At present, the viral tweet has gained 105 thousand likes and more than 31 thousand replies. People were concerned about some spirit lingering in the house. Some said that it's pretty common for children to see something adults don't because children are not yet "corrupt" and are innocent of the ways of the world.

Blair Robertson, a psychic medium, said that children are "spiritually open" which is why they can see these things.

There are also those who suggested that the family move to a different house or have it blessed or exorcised. Reading the child's body language, they say that it could be something evil. The girl stopped giggling, shifted her body away from where she's pointing at and her smile faded away. These are signs that something "not nice" was there.

Follow up questions from Netizens

People are reading a lot into what happened.

Several people asked why the father did not point the camera at the direction his little girl was pointing out. He reasoned that he looked at where she was pointing at himself but saw nothing. He said he wasn't trying to create a paranormal video anyway.

Some heard something like a baby laughing in the background and wondered if that is what Maya was pointing to. Ryan says it could be the birds frequenting their house lately.

Even the peanut butter bird became a cause of concern!

Moving on

The family is happily moving on from the concerns of a "spooky house." Although this issue made them into viral sensations, Ryan continues to film his daughter's fun and happy moments.

There are also some funny reactions, making what happened look like an ordinary event and it's nothing to worry about.

Ain't that something that the family really needs to worry about!