Globalization and social media have grown together to improve the communication among people across the world. Currently, you can find all kind of information and news actualization in a matter of a few seconds. However, not all is perfect in the Internet world. The social media has become space for all kind of dangerous, ridiculous and awkward challenges that probably your grandparents won´t believe if you tell them. This is one of the reasons that the authorities try to encourage parents across the world to pay more attention for the things that their children do during their free time and the kind of activities that they are involved on social media.

Are we are in front of one of the most irresponsible generations? Judge by yourself.

Kylie Jenner lip challenge

In this challenge, people have to stick their lips in a bottle or glass and start to suck in as hard as possible. How did this challenge begin? Well, the idea is to have the lips of the star Kylie Jenner. Although it looks like a fun challenge, the thing is that, according to some dermatologist, it can produce severe damages to the lips and it is better to avoid.

Eraser challenge

For completing this challenge, the idea is to rub your skin with an eraser until you say all the letters of the alphabet. According to some reports, many children have been at the hospital for trying this challenge which can produce some considerable cuts in the skin and nasty scars.

Cinnamon challenge

Swallow a spoon with cinnamon powder without drink water was a trend among young people in 2012. You still can find some videos on YouTube that shows how some people are chocking during this challenge. The major problem is that the cinnamon powder can be very dangerous if it gets to the lungs because it can produce pneumonia or in the worse of the cases, lung collapse.

The chocking games

Also known as the pass-out challenge, this practice has cost the lives and the mental health of a bunch of innocent boys and girls who ignored the risk and consequence of it. As its name indicate, this challenge consists of producing brain oxygen through the use of pressure in the neck. This can cause irreparable brain damage or even the death of the challenger.

Tide pots challenge

This trend appeared among teenagers in 2017. The idea in this challenge is to eat the packets of detergents that normally are used for laundry. Although it is hazardous to intake this kind of a product, many people risk their health to call the attention of others.