Attractions in Orlando, nightlife in South Beach, incredible sunsets in Siesta Key- we get it. Florida has some amazing places to visit.

I've been to all of them and yes, they're great. But have you ever heard of Delray Beach? I hadn't. 25-years-old and given the good fortune of traveling all over the world but I had never heard of this beachfront city. Until now.

If you're my age, you'll love it. If you're my parents' age- you'll love it. If you have little kids guess what - you'll love it.

I spent a few days in this East Coast Paradise. Here are some of the best it has to offer.

1. The beach

If you're from anywhere north of the state of Georgia, I probably don't need to say anything more, but I will. One minute you're walking along the famous A1A roadway and the next- you're crossing through draping trees only to spit out to, voila! The ocean! I have truly never been a fan of the Atlantic Coast of Florida. Call me crazy, but I grew up preferring the Gulf. I did a quick 180 on that as soon as I put my towel down on the soft and welcoming sand in Delray.

2. The people

Is it the warm weather? The sunshine? The fact that an incredible beach (see Number 1) is an arm's length away? I don't know, but whatever Delray residents are drinking, I'd like a glass. Actually, make that two.

I'm from Upstate New York and yes, I know, we've earned ourselves the reputation of less than welcoming. But how is it possible that people in this Florida city are that much friendlier? The Delray Beach Marriott staff, area restaurant servers, and bartenders were incredible all around. I felt like a new friend was around every corner.

The last time I felt that way in New York was, well, never?

3. The nightlife

So, you've taken that first step on to East Atlantic Avenue? You can probably stop reading here. Oh, you're holed up in a frigid New York apartment waiting for spring? Let me indulge you from afar, then. Light-covered trees line the strip. All but about two feet of sidewalk is taken over by outdoor diners and drinkers, and every single bar and restaurant is packed.

If you can find a barstool to take over- and don't hesitate. Seriously, not even for a second because I promise there are at least 30 other people waiting to pounce.

The first night my brain was thinking “hmm, $3 draft beer or smoked old-fashioned made by a well-trained mixologist?” Delray Beach was like “how about both?” You can find anything. The best part? For this sunshine-deprived girl, it's that seemingly every single spot has some outdoor element. It kind of makes sense that the entire downtown area feels like one giant party. Ah! That's why there are friends around every corner, they're all drinking that special Delray juice I mentioned! Where's my glass again?

4. The food

Let me say it again.

The food. A two-hour wait for sushi? Sign me up. Breakfast in what looks like an alleyway? Why the heck not. An afternoon waffle with fresh fruit from Luna Rusa and a view of the beach? Ugh, if I have to. Do I regret any of these choices? Not even a little. Everywhere I turned there was a restaurant I hadn't noticed before but was suddenly dying to try, and each one was just as good - if not better - than the last. If you're heading to Delray for three or four months have no fear! You might be able to try out every spot. If you're like me and only had a couple of days then may the odds be ever in your favor.

Any time you can spend in this captivating city is better than nothing. I promise you won’t regret it.

As for me, I think a move south is in my future.