One of the biggest albums in all of 2018 came out in February, accompanying the "Black Panther" film. Nothing in March will be able to match the caliber of that hip-hop masterpiece. There will be several who try, though.

A big focus this month will be the rock genre. Judas Priest, Dorothy, and even the Stone Temple Pilots (without the late Scott Weiland for the first time) will be coming out with new music. Whether or not any of those artists will reign supreme at the end of the month remains to be seen.

Here are the four biggest album releases of March 2018.

4. 'Electric Cafe' - En Vogue

If nothing else, this album release will be an event. The R&B girls group has not released a record in a decade and a half. They're working with some great R&B artists who are serving as producers, including Raphael Saadiq and Ne-Yo. They've had four songs peak in the top three of the Billboard Hot 100 chart - it would be some story if they could secure No. 5 with this record. [March 30]

3. 'Seasons Change' - Scotty McCreery

The former "American Idol" champ hasn't released an album in half a decade. So far, his new single "Five More Minutes" is making a strong, emotional impact on listeners, charting without the backing of a record label.The new album is said to be deeply personal, with all of the songs relating to real life experiences McCreery has gone through in the past few years.

If the first single is any indication, this record could connect beyond genres. [March 16]

2. 'Sex & Cigarettes' - Toni Braxton

When the Braxtons aren't shooting reality shows, they're making music (you know, the reason they're famous in the first place). Toni hasn't come out with a solo album in eight years. This is a good opportunity to escape the drama of her sisters' shadows and simply focus on the music once again.

Braxton is now 50 years old - she has a lot to prove. This could be the last chance for her to do so. [March 23]

1. 'Boarding House Reach' - Jack White

It's actually been a minute since White's last solo record. More than a minute, actually - four years since "Lazaretto." He told The New Yorker that a large part of his process this time around was to write in a very private fashion, hiding himself away in a small apartment in Nashville.

He reportedly almost ended up collaborating with Jay-Z, but that ultimately fell through. Regardless, White is going to have to come through if he wants to land his third straight solo album atop the charts. [March 23]