Elon Musk and one of his most ambitious projects have made another step in what's been a difficult road for space travel and Deep Space Exploration. SpaceX has just embraced another successful episode with the Falcon Heavy project reaching its final stage. At Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the spatial mastodon envisioned by Musk and his team was the main attraction as it was preparing for a historic liftoff. A report by CNBC provided most of the information used in this post.

Four years after the initial launching date, the ambitious project steered into what seems to be an inevitable road to success.

We've all been living in a spectacular decade in human history, a time for great technological leaps, and, in terms of space exploration, SpaceX leads the pack.

SpaceX project is a game changer, Falcon Heavy is the cherry on top

It's easy to point out the huge leverage SpaceX has acquired compared to other rival companies. It provides a huge rate of success due to its ability to reuse those particular parts, of which were taking a significant financial toll in the past. The latest demonstration has shown a stunning image with two previously detached parts of the Falcon Heavy landing on Earth safely.

From the beginning, SpaceX stood for cheap and safe delivery and as the project gained in complexity, these two primary attributes are still standing.

Falcon Heavy can support 30 tons of cargo, which is similar to finding gold. Moreover, being able to reuse the rocket and the additional fuel tanks is also a huge step forward. Falcon Heavy opens up the gate for more complex space exploration.

Falcon Heavy: The true definition of success

In the minutes following the liftoff, all eyes were pinned on how the recovery party would unfold.

The initial goal said that all three first stages of the rocket were to be recovered. Two of them made a mesmerizing sync landing at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station while the third, which was the central core of the rocket, failed to land on a drone-ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

That's a small glitch that can barely cast a shadow of doubt upon the overwhelming success.This is the dawn of a new era in terms of space exploration, and, perhaps the first step in what seems to be an attempt to make the human kind a multiplanet species.

Following the successful launch, Elon Musk had some words to add to the mix. The Tesla CEO called for a new space race. Maybe it would be better to let the ideologies at the door and to solely focus on the greater benefit picture. At the end of the day, having a Tesla car as a new object in Earth orbit is something unique.