Already have the blues about this week? Here are five Quotes to pick you up and motivate you to crush that meeting, complete your resolutions and eat healthier. Let's make this Monday the best one. Start this week off with momentum by reading these quotes and think on how you can apply these quotes to your life. Remember, everyone has problems they carry throughout the week and we all need some positivity to help us get through Monday.

Your Monday quotes

1. "If You Get Tired, Learn to Rest, Not to Quit," according to artist Banksy.

A great quote shared among small entrepreneurs and anyone who works the daily grind.

Never get down on yourself about your shortcomings. Failure is the best teacher and the best student never gives up, but may need to take a break from the constant workflow. This quote should remind you to take a break Today and breathe. Some items on your "to-do" list can wait until tomorrow. Take today to focus on you and what you need.

2. "A camera didn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel," said Peter Adams.

Never let the tools you use to make that video or crush your quarterly presentation define you. You and your talents are the reason for your success, not the tools you were given. Do not let someone today think your success comes from anything but yourself.

3. "It's only cold if you are standing still." According to Goodreads, this quote is by anonymous.

We have all been there -- feeling stuck in the same 9-to-5 routine trying to figure out the best way to innovate. Whether you feel stagnant in your career, family life or hobby, the only way to find a new outlook to your outlet is to create one.

If you have been "standing still" for a long time take today to start walking so one day you will be running.

4. "Memorize the feeling you get when things are working out," said Maryam Hasnaa.

Think back to a great day recently. How did you feel? Use those feelings of elation and gratitude to motivate yourself to make today great.

Whether you have to choose happiness or it happens organically, channel those emotions into motivation to look at Monday with a different perspective.

5. "It doesn't matter where you're going it's who you have beside you." According to Goodreads, this quote is by anonymous.

Lastly, always remember, no matter what is going on in life, surround yourself with people that you love. After coming home from a long day surround yourself with your loved ones, no matter if they have four legs or two. Surround yourself with people who remind you why you stress at your 9-to-5 and have a long "to-do" list.

Crush your to-do list

1. Complete your easiest tasks first.

2. Reward yourself with every errand completed.

3. Complete your most difficult tasks during the middle of the day.

4. Don't stress about the tasks you cannot finish that day.

5. Be satisfied with how many items you complete.

No matter what happens this Monday, keep an open mind. Monday is a brand new start to the week and the possibilities are endless.