Science and technology are moving at a fast pace, and Artificial Intelligence is encroaching into the workplace with robots. This will make human beings redundant, they will lose their importance and will be rendered meaningless. The era of machine takeover is approaching, and man has to plan his future accordingly.

Daily Mail UK reports that, in the opinion of a computing expert at Oklahoma University, employment provides an individual with a sense of self-worth and value. Therefore, unemployment will be torture, and he will lose his importance and sink into a life of misery.

He could take to drugs or embrace violence.

The future will be challenging

Entry of robots in workplaces will have a direct effect on employment potentials, especially in the fields of routine work that follow a certain set pattern. The loss will be substantial and could be in the region of 800 million by 2030. Artificial intelligence is expected to rule, and machine takeover will mean people without work. Life will cease to have any meaning for them, and they could drift into the world of drugs or violence. As the saying goes – an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

According to a recent report by a consultancy firm, the shrinkage in work would happen gradually, and after 2030 automation would take over nearly 60 percent of jobs.

Of course, it would create a new range of jobs and people would need to acquire new skills. The situation will be similar to that witnessed during the IT revolution when computers took over many jobs.

Nature of job loss

Artificial intelligence and robots are usually associated with activities connected to space exploration like the Curiosity rover sent by NASA to explore the red planet Mars.

AI and robots are also seen in sci-fi movies. They are a part of automation and used in many other areas like drones also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. There are also regular exhibitions held to encourage robotics. Humanoid robots have been developed by many countries, and they are now trying to make them as lifelike as possible.

In the opinion of experts, machine takeover is possible in case of machine-operators and fast-food workers. Other areas where machines can perform better than man are in the fields of collection and processing of data. However, jobs in the safe category will be those in unpredictable environments. A few examples are gardeners, plumbers, or providers of child- and eldercare. These are not only low paying jobs but also difficult to automate.