There’s nothing quite like going for takeout, but it isn’t supposed to happen when you are behind bars in a Federal Prison. An inmate of the Beaumont federal prison did just that and was caught as he tried to return with a bag filled with a stash of alcohol, tobacco, and a selection of tasty, home-cooked food. Judging by the collection of goodies pictured above, inmates were planning quite the party.

Authorities alerted to inmates sneaking out of prison

Authorities in Jefferson County were alerted to the fact that inmates were escaping out of the rear of the federal prison.

They were seen to be crossing private ranch land while heading out to collect contraband to take back with them into the prison. Authorities set up a surveillance operation at around 5:45 PM Wednesday (Jan. 24) and watched as a vehicle drove on to the private land, leaving a large duffel bag behind on the ground.

Prisoner spotted sneaking out for the food and booze

Police continued their surveillance and around two hours later they spotted an inmate, who turned out to be 25-year-old Joshua Randall Hansen of Dallas. Hansen was seen sprinting across from the rear of the prison and grabbing the duffel bag before attempting to run back into the prison.

However, officers got to him before he managed to safely get back in.

On opening the bag, officers found a real treasure trove, which included a bottle of whiskey, three bottles of brandy, several packages of tobacco, fruit, packaged snacks, and a fair amount of good, home-cooked food.

The food, photographed at the scene by sheriff’s officials, included plastic containers of chicken, sausages, vegetables, and rice.

Prisoners regularly sneak out of the prison to collect goodies

It seems this is nothing new, as Deputy Marcus McLellan of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told the Beaumont Enterprise that the latest incident is just a small part of a growing problem.

Reportedly inmates are regularly sneaking contraband into the prison. According to McLellan, they walk off the prison grounds to collect the contraband to take it back to their cells and that this has been going on “pretty much since Day 1.” Authorities are now working to stop the practice.

Officials booked Hansen, who is currently serving time on narcotics charges, into the Jefferson County Jail, where he now has charges of marijuana possession and escape added to the list. Capt. Crystal Holmes said there is also now a federal hold placed on Hansen.