Russians in the regions of Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, and Tatarstan witnessed a strange sight of a mysterious bright flash in the Urals. It was in the middle of the night and there were genuine fears that the United States had launched a missile against North Korea. The light was accompanied by trembling of the ground which tended to support the theory of an American strike.

Daily Mail UK reports that there was also speculation in Russia about whether it could have been a visit by a UFO or the explosion of a meteor. The bright lights were visible over a large area and officials have confirmed that it was not the result of any testing carried out by any Russian agency.

The mystery deepens

Scientists have not been able to provide any plausible explanation. The bright flash lit the sky from side to side and there was vibration, as indicated by witnesses who were driving and were on the road at the time. Russian officials have clarified that there was no military activity which could give rise to such a scenario. Neither is there any confirmation of any American activity connected to North Korea. Obviously, it was a mysterious occurrence and could be related to a visit by a UFO or the burning out of a meteor.

Incidentally, similar flashes were noticed earlier. In fact, this is the third time in 12 years it has struck Russia and experts appear to have no clue whatsoever.

Some astronomers are of the opinion that there could be some sort of a link to space. However, other scientists attribute the phenomenon to atmospheric electricity. The fact is that these strange lights have raised many questions that have no apparent answers.

Sighting of UFOs in America

Russia is not alone in having felt the presence of something strange associated with the unexplained appearance of a bright flash.

According to New York Post, America has also reported several such sightings of UFOs over the last two years. Manhattan is believed to have witnessed 27 of them with Brooklyn reporting 24 since 2016.

There has been a lot of speculation on whether we are alone in this universe. Scientists all over the world are trying to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Missions are also being planned to explore Mars in the quest of another civilization that could be more advanced than ours. The innumerable sci-fi movies and TV programs made on this theme have added to the curiosity, and have fueled our imagination - the UFO is a by-product.