In the United Kingdom, people do things a little differently. Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road. Sports fans prefer cricket to baseball. Women Marry inanimate objects.

Yes, one woman is set to take the dive into holy matrimony with an object that will never love her as much as she loves it. The object of her affection? A chandelier.

For most people, this would be worthy of a passing laugh and nothing more. But this woman truly feels a special connection with the chandelier, to the extent that she wishes to marry it. Some people in the United Kingdom would pine for that kind of connection.

A woman and a chandelier

33-year-old Amanda Liberty is a resident of Leeds in the United Kingdom. According to Inside Edition, the proposal - no marriage yet - came about on a romantic Valentine's Day. Out of all the chandeliers Liberty owns, one struck her more than the others. After she made her pick out of the litter of 25, she proposed to marry it - presumably, it consents to the affair.

Oh, and the name of the woman's loving chandelier is Lumiere, of course, calling to mind "Beauty and the Beast."

Apparently, their love story began where all modern love stories do: the Internet.

She found the 30-inch lamp on eBay and immediately purchased it from its former owner in Germany. There's no word yet on when the wedding will take place, but the United Kingdom woman seems happy with her decision, stating that the energy emitting from the chandelier had a special hold over her.

Behind the woman's veil

This woman is not alone in her love of inanimate objects.

Liberty has Objectum Sexual, defined as an attraction to inanimate objects. According to Inside Edition, her first love of an object came at the age of 14, when she fell for a drum set. She also fell in love with the Statue of Liberty - a surprising choice for a woman from the United Kingdom - but couldn't handle the distance.

Nevertheless, the last name stuck.

The only hope is that Lumiere doesn't have any low-hanging issues like jealously. After all, Luna was his first lighting love. And Jewel gets the role of the nighttime sleeping cuddles, a very intimate scenario in any romantic relationship.

Despite the coming misunderstandings, it's clear that Liberty is happy with her romantic future with Lumiere. Everyone else in the United Kingdom and around the world should respect that the woman is excited to marry the one she loves - even if it's a chandelier.