Want to see Dinosaurs around the Christmas tree? Zombies are so last year. Engaging ideas to get you and the kids into the Dinosaur holiday spirit include baking cookies, singing songs, or watching a few quick videos. If you have crayons, search the web for some downloadable dinosaur coloring pages rejoicing in Christmas festivities or give the kids a pen and let them try to draw the dinosaurs. YouTube is full of dinosaur videos, and some Christmas links are included below.

Some facts about dinosaurs

Where did the meteor strike that many scientists believe killed the dinosaurs?

Answer: The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, 65.5 million years ago.

What dinosaur had a giraffe like neck? Answer: The Brachiosaurus, which stood over 40 feet tall, weighed over 90 tons, and ate the tops of trees.

What dinosaur was toothless? Answer: The Oviraptor, whose name means "egg stealer," who had a beak and no teeth.

When was the first dinosaur skeleton put together and exhibited? Answer: In 1868, at Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences, a three story Hadrosaurus was displayed.

What Australian airline had a dinosaur named after them? Answer: Qantas Airlines helped transport a dinosaur that researchers named The Qantassaurus.

How much meat could a Tyrannosaurus Rex eat in one bite? Answer: Researchers think the tyrannosaurus could eat something the size of a tiger in one bite.

Next time you take a nibble of your hamburger, think about it weighing 500 pounds.

Who outbid Leonardo DiCaprio in an auction for a dinosaur skull? Answer: In 2007, Nicolas Cage outbid Leo and paid more than $270,000 for the fossil. When he was told it had been smuggled from Mongolia illegally he gave it to U.S. authorities.

What continents have dinosaurs been found on? Answer: All seven.

Set your YouTube app to dinosaur Christmas for an hour

Start with the funny song by Bob Brown "Santa bring me a dinosaur." Lyrics asking Santa for something “...like the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Brontosaurus with their big long necks" will have everyone singing along.

Then spend six minutes with jmachinder reading "A Dinosaur Christmas" by Tom Franck

VIDS for KIDS in 3d (HD) - "Dinosaur T-Rex and Christmas Gift Story." is a quick two minute 3D animation.

Then, it’s onto a movie, "The Christmas Dinosaur" (2004) What happens when an eight year old opens his Christmas present early and finds a dinosaur egg? It hatches and grows in his bedroom. How is he going to hide this enormous dinosaur?