Every year there are several videos that are viewed more and receive the most likes, but 2017 has some hit singles making history. YouTube has unveiled its most viral videos of 2017 along with the year’s most-watched top 10 music videos.

Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” rules the list of the most-viewed music videos of the year. However, it has not only become the most-watched video of 2017 but the most-watched of all time. The Justin Bieber-less “Despacito” music video starring Daddy Yankee has now bagged over 4.5 billion views since it was aired in mid-January.

'See You Again' is the top viral video

South Korea’s Psy for “Gangnam Style” has topped the list of trending videos for nearly five years but this year the most watched video ever on the site title was bagged by Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth in July. It has become the first video to hit the three billion play mark in just a few hours after its release.

The top 10 videos of YouTube includes major pop hits of Ed Sheeran; Ed Sheeran's “Carpool Karaoke” appearance with James Corden from "The Late Late Show"; Lady Gaga's halftime show from Super Bowl, a speech of President Donald Trump; A 12-year-old singing on “America’s Got Talent”; “The Mask Singer” Thailand’s singing competition show.

'The Mask Singer'- A unique show

"The Mask Singer" is a Thailand singing competition show. It's a unique show where the celebrities are dressed in different costumes and cover their face with a mask. Their identity is only revealed when they lose the show. Here, it was a performance given by a Thai singer who came disguised as an oyster to sing "Until we will become dust.

" His performance was a super-hit on the platform and was so impressive that it was liked 544,000 times with 94 percent positive votes.

YouTube makes use of different factors to determine the year’s top viral videos. Such factors include -measuring users interactions in terms of a number of views, likes, comments, and shares.

These are not the most-watched videos overall for the entire year. The top 10 trending-videos are ranked by the number of views the video has bagged.

YouTube's top 10 trending Videos of 2017

  1. Until We Will Become Dust – The Mask Singer
  2. Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You
  3. Ping Pong Trick Shots 3
  4. Darci Lynne -- America’s Got Talent 2017
  5. Ed Sheeran's Carpool Karaoke
  6. Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show | Sugar Super Bowl LI
  7. “Inauguration Day” — Donald Trump’s Inauguration
  8. Bill Wurtz’s history of the entire world
  9. In a Heartbeat – Animated Short Film
  10. Children interrupt BBC News interview – BBC News