No matter how annoying they can sometimes be, you can't really deny that cats are something special. Especially if you are a Cat owner, then you definitely know that every day spent with your little furry friend is a day full of adventures. With that said, let's take a look at these 30 hilarious memes that you, as a cat owner, will understand immediately.

1. I wish it could be that easy. Either way, the cat looks cute

2 If there is anything your cat is afraid of, that's definitely a vacuum cleaner because who likes loud noises anyway?

3 A complete guide to petting your cat

4 There can only be two possibilities

5 This is a dream come true for every cat out there

6 Every cat owner knows that having a cat is a constant battle for space, cats usually win because how can we say no?

7 Going to the vet isn't really her thing and the sink seems like a good place to hide

8 This is just how they do it, sharing is caring

9 Your cat is a very definition of 'hard to get,' so if you are going for a kiss, to be sure you must try really hard

10 She looks completely irresistible doing her sacred duty

11 There isn't such thing as a half-full cup to your cat, and the image below perfectly describes the struggle

12 You wish they are always this quiet and peaceful, sleeping in your own bed would be much easier

13 The picture speaks for itself, but this is just one of the every day struggles that cat owners are facing, because cats look terribly cute, even when they are interrupting your personal growth

14 The dog did it, it's always the dog

15 The poses are just hilarious

16 How can you not feel guilty when your cat welcomes you with the eyes like this and such a cuteness overload

17 This is some serious cat logic, maybe they just want to cuddle first

18 Admit it, you are that person

19 You can't have it both ways, or this is what happens

20 The thing people need to understand about cats is that they often change their minds

21 That's just how cats are, always curious and hungry

22 With such perfect timing, you'll regret even having a cat, but you'll still love her in the morning

23 When you have a cat, there are some strict rules you need to follow

24 They make their own rules and there's nothing you can do about it

25 This is what the cat kingdom looks like

26 Don't even bother trying to understand cat logic

27 The struggle is real

28 They do love stretching

29 And since they clearly love books, do you think that you can do some actual reading?

30 Last but not least