Fox News recently made a Twitter post about Al Franken and his sexual misdeeds, using the caption “Weird Al.” The official “Weird Al” Yankovic rightfully took exception to this captioning. Having recently renewed his trademark of the name “Weird Al,” Yankovic also headed to Twitter to post a copy of the trademark and to tell people there’s plenty of other adjectives to use to describe miscreant Als.

While “Weird Al” himself has been behind many parodies, like “Amish Paradise” and “Eat It,” Yankovic prefers his name not to be parodied and used with that of abusive characters like Franken.

Just call me ‘Weird Al™’

A lot of Als are in the news these days for various controversies, with the latest being the shocking image of Al Franken openly groping a woman’s breasts as she slept. It turns out Yankovic had applied to renew his trademark of the term “Weird Al” several months ago and once he received the approved renewal, he made a point of heading to Twitter on Monday to flaunt the trademark. In the caption, he went on to warn his fans to please use a different nickname when insulting the likes of Franken, Gore, Sharpton, Pacino or Roker.

Yankovic updates his Twitter feed

Later that day, Yankovic returned to Twitter with an update to say he had posted the approved trademark application mainly as a joke.

It turns out the original trademark was registered back in 1985 and this was merely a renewal. However, including a shot of the Fox News article about Franken, he said the point is that it had been what he termed “extremely uncool” to use the term “Weird Al” in this type of context, asking people to please stop doing that.

As reported by Mashable, there’s plenty of other adjectives to use when describing sexual abusers and other unpopular Als, using prefixes like “strange,” “creepy,” “odd” or "terrifying," none of which have, as yet, been registered as a trademark alongside the name Al.

'Not weird Al' Franken hit with further accusations of sexual abuse

As reported by Mediaite, while Franken is facing disgust and criticism after forcibly kissing Leeann Tweenden and groping her in 2006 during a USO tour, the Minnesota law maker has been hit with yet another accusation Monday. While the woman was unnamed, Franken allegedly grabbed her buttocks during a photo opportunity back in 2010.

Let’s face it, that’s not weird, that is all out disgusting.

So be warned, media pros and Twitter users alike, ‘weird Al™’ is officially taken and you could be facing serious problems with Yankovic over if you misuse his trademarked name.

Twitter naturally reacted to the news with humor: