There is a rise in incidents of gun-related violence in the United States which has prompted a school in Miami to sell bulletproof panels for the backpacks. The intention is to ensure a certain amount of safety for the children in case of a sudden attack by trigger-happy individuals. School authorities do not want to see their students get injured or killed by stray bullets, and such products are assured of a steady market.

George Gulla is the dean of students and head of school security at Florida Christian School, Miami. He explained that these products would translate into extra protection for the students in case there is a shooting incident on its premises.

The school has never faced such a situation, but it wants to be prepared to tackle it with confidence. The teachers have been trained in the art of self-defense using the backpack as a shield.

Gun-related violence in the US

CNN reports that increase in the number of gun-related violence is a matter of concern. There have been five incidents of shooting in the last decade at different locations. Three of these were in a gay nightclub in Orlando, a country music festival in Las Vegas, and a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Such random shootings have raised concerns about personal safety which has, in turn, fueled a demand for products like bulletproof vests in the United States.

As far as schools are involved, in 2013 there was a tragedy in a school in Newtown, Connecticut.

A mass shooting incident in the school killed 20 children and six adults. The administration decided to invest in bulletproof whiteboards. Incidentally, whiteboards and backpacks are just a few products that have gained prominence after the mass shootings.

A solution must emerge

Easy availability of firearms is probably one of the reasons for the rise in instances of gun-related violence.

Anyone in the United States can own a gun for personal safety and, former president Barack Obama had made an effort to control the menace. However, there were objections from certain quarters, and the proposal had to be shelved.

There is uncertainty dogging our lives, and the gunman may be lurking around the corner. He could be in the garb of a terrorist or of an individual who has been wronged and wants revenge on society.

While law enforcement agencies are there to assure security and safety in general, when it comes to personal safety, everyone has to fend for himself. It is quite possible that bulletproof vests could become an integral part of our future dress code.