The ability to edit the Human Genome has existed for several decades but remained an extremely expensive and lengthy process until a CRISPR revolution. CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. This new DNA editing technology is revolutionizing the field of biology, allowing for scientists to change people’s DNA with extreme accuracy and effectiveness.

A CRISPR Revolution

Because any living thing’s DNA provides the blueprint of its genetics, it determines many of its attributes. Thus you can pinpoint specific human characteristics and alter them in any desired way.

This might allow parents to customize any aspect of their children before they are born. The birth of designer babies!

Designer Babies

This turning point in biology will shape the future of humanity. It creates the option for parents to change, improve or customize virtually any aspect of their child before birth. Though currently, this may seem like pure science-fiction, it is truly already becoming a reality. The human trials have already begun! However, the possible ulterior applications and consequences of this technology are still widely unknown at this time. Its most ethical use would be to extinguish diseases and genetic conditions. It has already been proven effective at combating HIV, cancer, and chlamydia.

Because this technology allows complete control over any and all aspects of all future humans, it raises ethical dilemmas of whether it is our responsibility to preemptively rescue a child of a preventable disease that would ultimately waste societies valuable resources treating it. But where should we draw the line?

Why and how it affects Everyone!

This technology will inevitably affect us all because the engineering of any human’s DNA (such as a customized newborn baby) will ultimately be passed on to their kids. As the technology becomes cheaper, more reliable and widespread, this trend of modified babies might begin to outnumber natural babies born, due to the clear, tangible and instantaneous benefit of genetic enhancements.

Consequences remain highly unpredictable, however, as CRISPR has yet to undergo thorough clinical testing. Its development could lead to many negative and unforeseen consequences. Though it might be decades before the technology becomes available to everyone.

For a more in-depth exploration of the possibilities watch this Youtube video about Designer babies: