A certain percentage of the population just aren't into the whole sappy holiday-themed movies that air repeatedly during the Holidays. No shade to "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas With The Kranks" but some of us need to inject a little terror into the holidays. For all the horror freaks out there, holiday horror is the perfect sub-genre to begin a new unusual tradition this holiday season. Here is a list of 10 essential horror Christmas movies that every horror fan should see!

'Gremlins' (1984)

Okay, first things first, if you haven't seen this 1984 classic, stop what you're doing and watch it now!

Young Billy is given an adorable yet creepy little creature for Christmas with only three very important rules to follow, all of which he breaks. The creature multiplies and holiday chaos ensues in a small town. Moral of the story, never buy children pets for Christmas.

'Rare Exports' (2010)

In this foreign film not only is Santa an immortal supernatural creature, but he also eats naughty kids! How cool is that? Santa then demands gifts for himself! His evil elves don't make toys, they just bring children for Santa to devour.

'P2' (2007)

This film is more of an edge-of-your-seat-thriller rather than a comedy. A young woman is trapped inside of a parking garage at night after a Christmas party, and as if that weren't scary enough, the psycho parking attendant is stalking her.

It's the perfect Christmas slasher film.

'Jack Frost' (1997)

Not to be confused with the 1998 version starring Michael Keaton, though that one is pretty terrifying too. This 1997 horror about a serial killer whose real name is Jack Frost. He dies when he crashes into a truck containing genetic material, and comes back as a creepy snowman.

The whole premise is pretty ridiculous and would probably be funny if the snowman wasn't so damn creepy.

'The Children' (2008)

If you love watching adorable children enjoying the holidays, this isn't the film for you. A mysterious disease plagues this small town, but only affects the kids. Christmas then turns into one big fight for survival as the children start to turn on their parents.

'Black Christmas' (1974)

Not to be confused with the 2006 remake. This slasher movie is appealing for its killer's POV cam, and a stalker living in the attic of a sorority house just waiting to get revenge. There's also the classic element of a murderer calling from inside the house.

'Silent Night' (2012)

I feel like this would be great to watch right before attending a Santa convention. Unlike other horror films of its kind, this film doesn't revolve around a crazy person on a killing spree who just happens to be wearing a Santa suit. In this film, it actually is the real Santa murdering people in a town filled with other Santas. Oh, and can't forget to mention, Santa uses a flamethrower!

'Krampus' (2015)

I'm all for scaring the bejesus out of children to get them to behave, and this movie does just that. A terrifying mythical demon comes into the home of a boy having a bad Christmas. The dysfunctional family has to fight to survive as holiday icons come to life and are out to kill. I'd prefer coal in my stocking!

'A Christmas Horror Story'

One of the better anthology films that revolve around the most wonderful time of year. All of the stories take place in the same town on Christmas Eve, making it not feel like an anthology film. Considering this was straight to VOD film, the production and performances were excellent. Unlike other films of its genre, this one actually has a heroic Santa stomping out evil elves.

This film is jam-packed with jump scares, gore, elf brains, and a super ripped Krampus. Trust me when I say, you will jump!

'You Better Watch Out' (2017)

The most recent and a personal favorite holiday horror. This film contains comedy, gore, and a twist that you will not see coming unless you watch the trailer because it gives a lot away! The premise is simple and classic; a night of babysitting turns deadly. The movie involves so many over-the-top entertaining elements, one of them being the reality of what would actually happen if someone were to try one of "Home Alone" Kevin McCallister's many house traps. Ouch!