Napa and Sonoma Valley's are wine producing areas in California. The recent spate of wildfires that ripped through the countryside have burnt the trees and destroyed the environment. The hillsides have been laid bare, with little or no vegetation left to bind the soil leading to fears of Mudslides. The situation is critical because of the disturbed ecological balance.

In the opinion of experts, even a short spell of heavy rain could create landslides, and lead to survival problems for those who reside in the vicinity. Their houses could get buried under the mudslides.

Before that happens, they should evacuate to safer locations.

Mudslides could wreak havoc

Daily Mail UK reports that the US Geological Survey has cautioned the people of California regarding high-intensity rainfall and consequent hazardous condition which could lead to mudslides. The local population would be at risk because the mud, accompanied by fast-moving, highly destructive debris will gather momentum as it tumbles down the slopes to devastate the surroundings. Trees could be uprooted, drainage systems blocked and the dangers and damage could extend to structures and lives could be lost.

The US Geological Survey has assessed the situation and identified the regions that face risks. Residents who were asked to evacuate because of the wildfires had returned to their homes but, their stay is uncertain.

They might once again be asked to leave the place to escape being buried under the mudslides.

Effects of global warming

California has been facing drought for a long time, and a number of wildfires have destroyed large tracts of vegetation leaving behind charred remains of trees that have been lost to the fires. This has made the ground vulnerable to mudslides in case of rains which would remove the soil, and send it cascading downhill to unleash havoc on the habitation at or near the foothills.

These are attributable to global warming. Some people hesitate to acknowledge that climate change is responsible for the unnatural behavior of the weather. The fact remains that global warming is responsible for scanty rainfall which, in turn, leads to drought conditions. The groundwater dries up along with the greenery. That creates an environment conducive to wildfires from friction between dry branches.

The tiny spark, fanned by the dry winds, become a flame which engulfs the surroundings.

Obviously, controlling climate change is the only solution to this problem. There must be an all-around awareness about the pitfalls of ignoring the telltale signs. Otherwise, people will have to face the consequences.