Are you prepared to let someone in "authority" select who will live and who will die? Whatever your answers might be to that exceptionally moralistic statement, the year 2030 is going to subject the world to a law that has been in hibernation since 1987.

According to Global Research, in the name of sustainable development, the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development has long ratified "Our Common Future." The document was published under the chairmanship of Norway’s Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. The jargon goes on to record varied pleasant-sounding phrases, which boil down to one foundation truth – 95 percent of the world’s population will be subject to a purge come 2030 (according to Waking Times).

Using over-population as a legitimate excuse, the UN law aims to apply "sustainability measures" to ensure the continued well-being of the Human race.

Who signed off on this?

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is responsible for the idea to cull more than seventy-five percent of the world's population to promote "sustainability policies."

This is far from being a secret conspiracy or shadow-government tactic. In fact, the UN website boldly states, "...comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally...and major groups, in every area in which humans have impacted the environment." A complete version is available online under the Johannesburg Summit 2002.

As recently as October, Tom DeWeese (conspiracy theorist) gave lectures on Agenda 21 at the Romance Theater in Rexburg and Idaho Falls. He’s been touring, aiming to spread awareness of this impending threat to our society from our own trusted higher officials.

Here's some food for thought. In America alone, the world's largest pesticide manufacturer Monsanto has been performing pseudo-legal maneuvers to make and modify food production on a national scale.

I have my rights?

Apparently not, if this UN policy is anything to judge by. According to The Blaze, you will be stripped of all personal rights and freedoms once this law comes fully into effect in 2030. The fact that it is such an open secret makes it truly terrifying. Chances are your government is involved and has backup measures to keep the peace (and you in line).

Protest groups beware if you so much as skip over their lawn holding Agenda-21 placards. 178 governments signed off on this in the 1992 Earth Summit, as explained on the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News.

Conspiracy theories aside, what is being done about this ominous agenda? Is this proof that we are headed toward a future where a One World Government will be in effect? Calling a controlled global genocide a form of “population control” (as the policy tactfully states) does not make it more appealing.

In glaring accord with George Orwell’s novel "1984," Agenda-21 does not seem like it’s going to go quietly even under public protest. Even requests for more information have led people to the same official clauses and statements published in the 1987 Brundtland Report.

Baking a death-pie

The Blaze website has provided a word-for-word sample of what this eradication-hungry document contains. Below is a slightly paraphrased version of it.

The enforcement of the policy will revolve around partnerships among the public, private and community sectors, technical cooperation, and participation in the decision-making process by special interest and community groups – women, the disabled, indigenous people, the elderly... Nations will be tasked with setting priorities among the eight programme areas detailed in the policy and carry out said priorities in keeping with the plans and objectives for their country.

There is plenty of ongoing chatter on these and similar topics on Agenda 21 Radio.

This is becoming an increasingly popular site. People from all over the world are tuning in to listen to live conversations about Agenda 21 and signs of real-world application. A chunk of their radio-content covers the United States more than other parts of the world.

Political wording galore

This is probably why there has been no radical insurgence against Agenda 21, except for the occasional lecture and online spat. The policy's wording is so flawlessly harmless that it does not constitute certified proof of ill intent. Words like sustainability, technical cooperation activities, priorities, social and cultural capabilities, adequate shelter, capacity-building, and others are keywords highlighting the particulars of the steps that governments have been tasked to take to enforce this policy.

Think about it. How can you achieve sustainability when the very real fact of over-population stands in its way? Theoretically, the sole answer to the United Nations's sustainability and population control initiatives will be to kill off as many people as required until their "agenda criteria" have been met.

Will Agenda 21 stand the test of time? Will we discover new ways to curb existing population rates without resorting to global genocide? Will demand supersede supply? We have about twelve years left on the clock to find out. That’s if the world does not end on November 19 as Biblically postulated, and surrender to the capricious whims of a "quake-pocalyspse."