Have you written a crime novel where you've tried to get it published several times but it keeps getting turned down by publishing companies? Publishing companies receive inquiries for publication all the time and they turn down 90% or more of the work that they receive. It's only the rare book that gets picked up and gets published, and even when they choose to publish a book, the amount of financial reward that the author sees the first time around is nowhere near as big as the best-selling authors on the market these days. But perhaps you're trying to get published because you truly want a book on the market, no matter what the payment.

If this is the case, then you need to go back and look at your book to figure out why it is getting Rejected all the time.

According to a report by Writers Workshop, some authors are turned down because their stories are simply terrible. It may have nothing to do with the writing in question or the author's general approach to the book. It could be that the idea for the novel is just downright terrible. Perhaps the idea isn't well-developed, or maybe this is an idea that has been done several times before. It's up to you as the writer to determine whether or not your idea is truly worth publishing.

Don't try to be too cheeky

According to the report, some concepts simply just don't work together.

The report points to an example where a young adult writer may try to combine a storyline that works for teenagers but then tries to add an educational element to talk to young people about climate change. Another common example could be a story about a woman who is going through a midlife crisis and the book ends with her working part-time and taking up baking in her spare time.

While these ideas could be inspired by real-life events, the concepts may just be terrible for the particular book in question.

It's important to go back to High School English class, where the teachers taught you the difference between an introduction, a growing plot, a climax where the characters storylines come to a head, and the conclusion that talks about the aftermath of the story.

According to the report, about one-to-three percent of all manuscripts and books submitted to publishing companies make the mistake of having a terrible concept. The rejection rate is not that high when you think about other mistakes that writers make, but this is one of the mistakes that you have to fix. The only way to fix it is to start over.

Get some feedback before you throw yourself into writing

It may be wise to get some feedback from friends, coworkers, and family members when it comes to writing your novel. If you have an idea for a concept, make sure that you try to get some feedback before you throw yourself into weeks and months of writing a book. It's important to know that you are not alone when it comes to developing your storyline.

It may be your idea, but the best books are often created with feedback from some sources. Even if you think your book about your parents sounds like an awesome idea, family and friends may not feel the same way. Make sure to talk to people who will give you an honest opinion about your idea so you're not writing a book that's encouraged on kind words and unwavering support from your loved ones.

Have you ever started working on the novel and realized that the concept was completely horrible?