Shortness or dwarfism is a condition of short structure that results from a genetic or Medical Condition. A person is said to be a dwarf if he/she has an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches or less, the most common cause of shortness is being born too small parents. Some men have been listed in books of history for having a height that is below the size of normal humans, here is a list of Top four shortest men in the world.

1). Chandra Dangi (21.5 inches)

Dangi was a citizen of Nepal, he lived in a very remote village, Reemkholi, which is estimated to be more than 250 miles away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Chandra was born on November 30, 1939, his adult height was measured to be 54.6cm (21.5in) and weighed just 31.9 pounds, he was recognized in 2012 by the Guinness Book of World Record as the shortest man during his spell, before he came to the attention of the media he had never moved out of his village, it was until a wood contractor cutting timber met him and informed the media. Dangi died in America on September 3, 2015, aged 75.

2. Gul Mohammed (22.4 inches)

Gul Mohammed was an Indian citizen who was born in New Delhi on February 15, 1957. Mohammed was listed as the shortest man by the Guinness Book of Records on July 1990, his height was measured to be 57cm and weighed 37.5 pounds. At one point in his life, he tried to run a small kiosk but he was unlucky as he was regularly robbed because of his small size, he got financial support from charitable organizations and friends.

Gul was said to be addicted to heavy smoking, he died on October 1, 1997, after suffering from bronchitis and asthma.

3. Junrey Balawing (23.6 inches)

Balawing is a Philippine citizen who holds a record of the shortest living man, he was born on 1993 in Sindangan Zamboanga village about 537 miles south of Manila. Few months after his birth Balawing's height did not increase again.

He was declared as the shortest man in the world on his eighteenth birthday in 2011. His height is measured to be 59.9 cm and a weight of just 11 pounds, although he had trouble while walking he assisted his family with domestic chores such as feeding the chickens.

4. Khagendra Magar (26 inches)

Khagendra was a citizen of Nepal, he gained the title of the shortest man on October 14, 2010, but later lost the crown to Junrey Balawing.

His adult height is 26 inches, he suffered from a condition known as primordial dwarfism which restricted his body height. His name came to list after a businessman discovered him in Baglung, district of Nepal in 2006. Besides his height, he engages in dancing and promoting tourism.