Smart opportunists have become millionaires off of Bitcoin, but how can a cryptocurrency originally sold for 20 cents suddenly have a market value of $2,600? The act of buying and holding has become popular after Bitcoin became a smart investment in the 21st century. But how can high rollers take advantage of cryptocurrencies and reinvent the art of Investing?

Smart investments

Bitcoin comes with a hefty price, however, Ethereum and LiteCoin are two more fairly priced competitors that are continuing to rise in market value. Ethereum has been used by Vladimir Putin to conduct national oil transactions, and China has been working on its own form of cryptocurrency.

These currencies are designed as a way to hold assets without using a bank, and the price depends on supply/demand, energy usage, the difficulty in mining it, and how versatile it is in usage.

Over the next ten years or so, it is possible to see these investments being smarter than buying on the Stock Market due to the low risk and high yields offered by buying and holding currencies. Its predicted Bitcoin's price will raise another $3,000, which means that anybody possessing the currency is in for a great surprise. Other lower prices currencies, worth less than pennies, are also extremely low-risk currencies with great big potential, such as Ripple and STEEM.

The new market

If the stock market crashes anytime soon, your best luck would be to go straight to cryptocurrency.

It's possible these currencies may kill the stock market with more promising results in less time. The stock market has been victim to cyberattacks and is a constant game of worrying and guessing, with cryptocurrency, it seems that no matter what, money is to be made off it as more people use it. With blockchains that keep a public record of transactions, it seems that the cryptocurrency market is a new version of the stock market.

This new and complex system of currencies has been around for quite some time, and some investors are still holding back from investing in them, however, as the price of these currencies increases, the chances of winning big becomes lower and lower. Within a few short years, its possible to become a millionaire off an up and coming currency.

However, the secrecy and utilization by hackers seem to turn people away from what is the smartest investment for the 21st century. Your investment in Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram stocks might just be better off spent on a few LiteCoin or a couple thousand STEEM.