There are so many changes women experience during pregnancy and they need to adjust to the new conditions. This can be a bit stressful since women change some of their habits but once you get used to it, it feels natural. One of those habits is sleeping position since your regular ones may not feel comfortable anymore. Since the body undergoes many physical changes in this period, you may experience back pain, heartburn, changes to your breathing, and you need to find Sleeping Positions that work best for you.

Don't opt for these

Among people's favorite sleeping positions are sleeping on your Stomach and on your back.

Neither one would feel really comfortable during pregnancy. Stomach for obvious reasons, the size of the abdomen increases and it is just uncomfortable. Sleeping on your back is a bad choice during this period because the pressure on the spine is too strong and can result in severe back pain, affect your breathing and circulation and even cause hypotension (low blood pressure). Therefore try to lighten the load on your spine.

What positions are recommended during this period?

The best sleeping position during this period, according to the professionals, is the so-called SOS (sleep on side), preferably left side. This position improves blood flow so that more nutrients reach the placenta and the baby.

This position also helps kidney function and reduces swelling caused by additional blood and fluid. Placing a pillow under the abdomen in this position additionally eases back pain. Fetal position is another recommended position. It includes bending your legs and knees and has this name because it reminds of the position prenatal fetus takes as it develops.

How to get more comfortable while sleeping?

Use pillows - If you just don't feel comfortable and can't fall asleep, crossing one leg over the other may help. Put one pillow between your legs and another one behind your back. This is one way, you can try many until you find what suits you best.

Prop yourself up - If you don't find pillows very helpful, you can try sleeping in a semi-upright position in comfortable chairs instead a bed.

What if I wake up in a different position?

Don't be scared, nothing will happen to your baby. It's just normal that we move and change positions during the night so if you wake up in a position different from that you took when going to sleep, it's not a big deal. Just take that first position again. The body naturally feels a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, when we change our habit but with time it should feel more natural and help you get enough sleep.