Trick Daddy has spoken. The rapper decided that he didn't want to see a fellow artist in his city, miami (Trick Daddy grew up in Liberty City). Meek Mill is probably disappointed with his ban from one of the biggest cities in the entire country. He's probably going to ignore it, too. Thus begins one of the most unnecessary rap feuds in recent memory -- they have plenty of people to emulate on that track.

Trick Daddy versus Meek Mill

The feud apparently began when Meek Mill discussed his influence on Miami rappers during an interview, despite being from Philadelphia.

He claimed that the chains and the yachts and the trappings of a luxurious lifestyle came from his influence. Trick Daddy was having none of that, considering it disrespectful -- especially the idea that the city was now a place that prioritized objects over everything else. So he went on Instagram and took a NSFW shot right back.

Trick Daddy disabused everything that Meek Mill had claimed about Miami, claiming that the city was not a bunch of followers. He also claimed that part of Meek Mill's comments stemmed from his feelings about his breakup with rapper Nicki Minaj. The most memorable line of the rant came when Trick Daddy revoked the rival's ability to get into his city, claiming "your visa has expired." The Philadelphia rapper indirectly responded on Instagram, but clearly wasn't interested in getting into the fight.

The fight may come to him when he performs at the Bayfront Park Amphitheatre on Sunday night.

Another strange rap feud

Rap feuds seem to come in all shapes and sizes these days. Meek Mill is no stranger to these beefs, as he famously had one with Drake that didn't go so well recently. Jay-Z and Kanye West may be beefing through their music and the end of their TIDAL contract.

Then, there's Joe Budden, who seems determined to beef with anyone within earshot.

For better or worse, the current feud over Miami isn't going to develop further. Love or hate his music, Meek Mill is relevant right now, while Trick Daddy hasn't been relevant in the music business for some time now. He will be accused of starting this simply as a way to get his name back out there, a tactic his victim knows well.

Very few people are going to care about this one. It's time for these two rappers to kill the issue so that everybody can move through the state of Florida without problems -- no beef simply for the sake of beefing with someone.