Our global community is in the throws of a Female Empowerment movement. Young girls are being shown that they have no boundaries except the one's they put on themselves. We, at long last, have a female superhero (Go Wonder Woman!) and women doing big things in sports, business, and science all over the globe. Women are CEO's and COO's of major corporations and female sports is growing in popularity with things like UFC and the female Superstars of the WWE. Since 2012, the women of the WWE (including the developmental brand of NXT) have had to work hard in order to create change, and prove themselves on a worldwide stage.

Starting in 2012

In 2012, Triple H oversaw the creation of the developmental brand of WWE, known as NXT. This welcomed the up and coming talent from all over the world into the WWE to hone their craft and become great sports entertainers. The women of NXT took this ball and ran with it. They impressed everyone, including Hall of Famers of the sport, with their toughness and athletic abilities. Finally, because of their hard work in NXT, they were given serious story lines to play out and real 20 minute match times (just like the guys).

In 2013, Paige battled and became the first NXT Women's Champion and the women's revolution in the WWE was in full swing. The ladies of NXT were leading the way in this revolution.

After a while, it became obvious that the women of NXT had garnered more respect than the women on the main roster of RAW (who were still called Divas at this point).

All that would change with one hashtag post on Twitter, and a whole world listening.


For years the divas of the WWE, who performed on RAW, only got their chance to shine in small instances.

They would get short two minute matches and storylines that never really meant very much. Their greatest capacity was usually in the role of a manager for one of the men. There were divas ( like Lita and Trish Stratus) who had short opportunities to be in the Main Event on RAW, but all of those stints on the top were very short lived.

Until one day...

On February 23, 2015 the #GiveDivasAChance trended around the world on Twitter after a 30 second long divas match on the WWE show 'RAW'. The masses wanted to see the divas have their chance to show what they got and the WWE listened. From that point on, it was all up hill for the ladies of the RAW and NXT.

2016 brought big things for the Divas

In 2016 the women's revolution, that had been in full swing for the last 3 years strong, got the validation that it deserved. The WWE announced that the women of the WWE would now be referred to as Superstars, and not Divas, just like their male counterparts. The name of the championship title was also changed to the Women's Championship.

Now the female Superstars of the WWE are headlining pay-per-views and wrestling in the main event on RAW. They exemplify what hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of stubbornness will aid you in attaining any goal you dream.