Dreams have always been fascinating for humankind. Every since the dawn of days, people have tried to find out their Meanings. It was usually after any kind of symbolic and distinctive dream that people would go to their tribal shamans for interpretations.

Medically, dreams are appearing in REM phase and they are the results of a discharge of brain functions. Over the course of history, dreams have had various psychological explanations. It is worth noting that these explanations were the topic of interest for none other than the father of modern psychology himself, Sigmund Freud.

It was he that interpreted dreams as a result of our subconsciousness which is usually suppressed when a person is awake.

However, there are some #dreams that people have every now and then. Here's the list of 5 most Common ones.

1. Teeth

Dreams about teeth have variations. But it is usually about the tooth that is rotten, painful, bleeding or falling out. On the other hand, we rarely dream of white and healthy teeth.

It is often said that teeth are representing ourselves, our power and self-respect that we are either losing or don't have it enough while awake. But on the other hand, this dream can be interpreted as the possible illness or even loss of someone close.

2. Water

Dreaming of water can also be very symbolic given the fact that it can be clear or dim, quick or still, deep or shallow.

We can dream of ourselves swimming or drowning in the cold water.

In any case, water doesn't have a positive meaning, no matter what kind of water we are dreaming. It serves as a warning to take care of ourselves. Usually, it is about our emotional state, current feelings and something in general that we are going through in our lives.

3. Death of the loved one

However disturbing and terrifying this kind of dreams may seem to be it stands the reason to believe that there is nothing to be afraid of. It was often believed that if a person dreams of the death of the loved one the truth is just the opposite. This dream actually means success, good health and the long life of that person.

4. Falling down the stairs

Dreaming of falling down the stairs generally means big turbulence in life such as emotional roller coasters, indecisiveness, and internal battles. This dream with all its variations serves as a warning for a person to find a solution for this current state.

5. Losing the ability to speak

This dream also counts as one of the most common ones. A person has a strong need to say something or to cry for help when chased. The voice is simply not there when the person needs it the most.

Everyone who dreams of this should be aware that this is a clear sign of low self-esteem and a lack of courage. That means the person must regain control over his life.