The Los Angeles Times announced that Toyota issued a voluntary recall of more than a million Prius and C-HR hybrid vehicles. The main reason behind the recall is because of a wire harness that can wear over time and lead to a short circuit or even a fire.

The recall affects Toyota cars built between June 2015 and May 2018, including the Prius and the hybrid version of the C-HR. Toyota has agreed to do an inspection of each vehicle's wire harness and if any wires are exposed, they will make repairs at no cost for the owner due to this serious blunder.

If the wiring is not exposed, they can tape down the wire to keep it from rubbing against the cover. Toyota has setup a website for those who want to check to see if their vehicle is affected. The relationship between the U.S. and Japan continues to shift, affecting companies like Toyota, so these recalls continue to plague Toyota as they work to expand.

Toyota reaching out to affected car owners

Toyota has started contacting known owners of the affected vehicles. Toyota's Prius' continue to be a vehicle affected by recalls. In 2014, Prius hybrids were recalled over a software issue and 2016, were recalled due to emission problems.

Owners will also receive letters in the mail requesting that they bring in their vehicle for maintenance.

The mailing will be completed within 60 days of Toyota notifying the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of their latest recall.

Toyota's latest recall becomes one of the largest for the company

Toyota has confirmed that of the vehicles affected, 554,000 will be recalled in Japan and 192,000 will be in the United States.

There's been only one case of a vehicle emitting smoke, with no injuries reported.

This latest recall becomes one of the manufacturer's largest recalls ever, not stemming from the Takata Corp air bags or the unintended acceleration crisis. In 2016, Toyota was forced to recall nearly three million vehicles including the Prius for leaky fuel tanks.

The recall affects vehicles sold all across Europe and Australia, as well as Japan and the United States.

Toyota has manufactured the Prius since 1997 and was the first mass-produced hybrid car. It has become a popular family car. Both the US EPA and the California Air Resources Board have called the Prius one of the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States. This hybrid vehicle has become a top seller among consumers who are looking for a fuel-efficient and green car. The 2018 Prius Eco has become the second most fuel-efficient gas-powered car available in the United States market. Toyota has also been talking with Japanese telecom Softbank over possible investment opportunities.