Subway has been in business for a long time and many have gone there to enjoy a $5 footlong. Many athletes like Robert Griffin III have supported the chain over commercials on television. Subway has often been noted for its diverse selection of meats and its ability to customize sandwiches with a huge choice of toppings. The store also benefits from being quick and convenient allowing people to easily grab sandwiches on a lunch break or for dinner.

The one thing about the brand is that there is, typically, not a lot of seating at their Stores. That seems to be the one downside to the chain and the fact that many other places sell sandwiches.

Business is not booming

According to Usa Today, Subway is one of the largest brands in the world, "with an estimated 44,000 locations in 112 countries."

However, recently, business has not been booming for subway and, consequently, they will be closing 500 stores in the US. Competition from other stores has caused the franchise decline. In an article by MSN Lifestyle, Molly Donovan points out that, "supermarkets and gas stations offering grab-and-go sandwiches are on the rise. Plus, restaurants like McDonald's are rolling out new menu items and touch-screen ordering tools." There are many stores to which an individual can now go and buy sandwiches, this has harmed Subway and cost them customers.

Everybody knows that the fast food industry can be brutal and Subway is not looking to lose sales, but improve their company. Subway tries to stifle the competition by having a "loyalty program, which offers discounts, specials, and freebies for U.S. and Canadian diners." The one issue is that many other places give coupons and specials for eating at their place.

The only aspect of Subway's program seems to be the freebies at Canadian and US diners.

The company has been invested in their new wraps, which look pretty good.

Close 500, open 1,000

This is not the first time Subway has closed stores. USA Today points out that this "news comes a year after Subway shut down 800-plus locations." However, "The chain currently has close to 26,000 locations in the U.S." This year alone, many other places have closed including Toys R Us, and other retail establishments face the growing fear of closing, years down the line.

Subway plans to close 500 stores in the US but plans to open 1,000 overseas. The article states that subway is "planning to open a thousand new locations beyond North America and focus on locations in the U.K., Germany, South Korea, India, China, and Mexico." Subway is planning on opening new locations all across the world and growing their brand with this decision. It seems that they figure that they will make a fortune by opening the stores overseas.