These days, buying legal weed in Las Vegas is fast and easy now thanks to a new drive-thru window installed by NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. Located near downtown, the Marijuana store is likely the first in the nation to have a drive-up window where consumers can buy legal recreational cannabis.

First recreational pot drive-thru opens

The store, on Las Vegas Paiute tribal lands, expects to serve drive-up cannabis customers in 60 to 90 seconds. Customers will be able to order right in line from a limited menu with approximately 15 flower, edible, and concentrate products.

Customers also have the option of going online to select up to 700 different items for fast pickup in the weed drive-thru.

Created using a bulletproof bank vault window, the pot shop opened the drive-thru after numerous customers asked for the faster, more convenient service. The weed window will also be helpful for their elderly and disabled customers that have difficulty getting in and out a car.

Drive-thru restrictions

According to Kevin Clock, a representative with investment partner Cascade Strategic Investments, customers using the drive-thru must be at least 21 years old, and that includes everyone in the car. Store employees, many of whom previously worked for fast food chains, must check the ID of all occupants of the car going through the cannabis drive-up lane.

A boon for the Paiute Tribe

With the close proximity to downtown Las Vegas, Clock expects the store to stay very busy.

NuWu, meaning "the people" in the Paiute language, is located on tribal lands and all profits will remain within the community, Clock told the Review-Journal. Regardless of the store's location, NuWu prices will be about the same as other weed shops in the area and will pay the same fees to the Nevada Department of Taxation.

The 16,000 square foot pot shop was opened on October 16 after an 18-month licensing process. Currently, the store serves nearly 500 customers daily. The store employs over 100 people, with about 15 being members of the Paiute Tribe.

Besides marijuana, customers can also buy paraphernalia, t-shirts, and baseball caps. There are even cannabis-infused pet products to help dogs with various health problems like excessive itching or anxiety.

Weed smokers flock to Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas allowed dispensaries to sell recreational weed starting July 1 after Nevada became the fifth state to legalize the drug. Nearly two-thirds of marijuana purchasers are visitors to the gambling capital. Anyone over 21 with a valid ID can buy recreational cannabis in Las Vegas.