Only two months are left before the Holidays kick in, and for those who are now of a certain age and above, the best presents are of the techie gadget sort. Aside from the usual brand names like Apple, Microsoft and so on, Google also has its own crop of new electronics coming out this year, from the new Pixel 2 phones and the Home smart speakers. But while the sorts of Microsoft and Apple have the convenience of owning actual stores all over the world to sell their products in, Google has no place of its own to show off their hardware for customers.

So they are opening some pop-up stores in New York for the convenience of buyers.

Return of the pop-up

“Made by Google” is a temporary pop-up store that the internet giant has announced this Tuesday, October 17, at the Flatiron district in Manhattan, New York. It is one of several temporary store outlets that Google is setting up not only in this city but in Los Angeles as well. By Thursday, October 19, Made by Google is set to finally offer the very latest of their small but tested hardware, from the Pixel 2 smartphone, 2XL phablet, and new Google Home Mini that have already been introduced earlier.

The temporary store space is an expansion of Google’s pop-up demo experience that was tested in New York’s SoHo district this same month last year.

It was a fully interactive showroom space where interested customers could see live demonstrations of Google devices and even get to put them through their paces with their own hands. Of course, back then the pop-up “shop” was purely for exhibition purposes, and the convinced buyers needed to actually purchase the products online.

Now, however, Made by Google will enable followers of this brand to buy the gadgets they want over a real counter, for those who prefer that way.

On stock for the Holidays

October is now halfway done, and after November, December will come along with the expected season shopping rush. Google is determined to be at the forefront of the tech market when it comes to mobile devices and home gadgets for the Holidays.

Their vice-president of design and user experience Ivy Ross is quite frank in her opinion that technology is a big part of present-day living. To that end, New York’s Made by Google looking forward to introducing buyers to the Pixel 2 smartphone, their estimated hottest seller which is priced from $649 to $849.

The Made by Google pop-up store is open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM at 10 Fifth Avenue, New York. It will remain in operation until December 31 at the very end of the year.