Great news for DevOps and the Enterprise world, the popular container platform Docker has just raised funds. This also means that the company might hire additional manpower in order to push that strong focus on the enterprise market. The moves will also provide the company the resources it needs to better compete with the industry-favorite Kubernetes.

According to Wall Street Journal, the recent SEC filing showed details about Docker’s latest funding round. Based on the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filing, the container specialist has already raised $61.8 million.

The company is seeking to raise around $75 million in its latest funding round. This would bring the total amount of money raised by the container company to a whopping $255 million. Docker declined to comment when asked about its SEC filing.

About the container platform company

Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, California, Docker is the company behind the popular open source container platform Docker that is used by thousands of developers and system administrators to build, ship and run their distributed applications. Using the open source platform, companies and developers have managed to reduce application delivery from months to minutes, increase efficiency in their resources usage and seamlessly move workloads between data centers and the cloud environment.

The company claims that its core Docker container platform has been downloaded more than 12 billion times and used by some of the biggest companies in the market. These include Goldman Sachs, PayPal, Intuit, GE, ADP and Societe Generale.

According to the latest data from CrunchBase, the company’s investors include AME Cloud Ventures, Benchmark, Brainchild Holdings, Chris Sacca, Coatue Management, Ashvin Patel, Goldman Sachs, Eric Urhane, Ignition Partners, Greylock Partners, Insight Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Northern Trust, Kenny Van Zant, and Yahoo founder Jerry Yang.


The company’s core containers platform has made a smash hit in the enterprise market. Despite of the popularity of its container software platform, the company still struggle when it comes to generating a sizable amount of revenue from its innovation. In addition, the company also faced increased competition in the market led by container orchestrator Kubernetes.

The Google-led Kubernetes has managed to steal the spotlight away from Docker, making it as the most preferred technology platform for today’s software development team.

Docker is slowly losing the enterprise battle

It’s the buzz of the enterprise world. Rancher Labs is reportedly ditching Docker for Kubernetes as the company’s top technology choice. The software company made the big announcement this week.

According to SDX Central, the Cupertino-based software company is replacing Docker with Kubernetes as their container platform of choice for its newly launched Ranchers 2.0 container management platform. Thankfully, Rancher Labs CEO Sheng Liang made some good explanation about the big change, saying that more customers want the Kubernetes support.

Earlier this year, the software company has scored a huge deal, involving NTT Group’s plans to offer container services to Japan. As part of the said deal, Rancher Labs provided the container management expertise and technical assistance to the Japanese firm. The deal was the company’s first managed service provider licensing model to a Japanese cloud service provider, the SDX Central reported.