The idea of Working From Home is on the up with 68 percent of job seekers who are Millennials say the option of working remotely increase their interest in specific employees.

A survey conducted by AfterCollege a network aimed at college students and recent grads states “Policies that cultivate a flexible, fun, and casual work environment has a positive impact” on young people’s interest. Particularly for those who wish to delve into creative industries such as journalism, the opportunity to build work experience whilst working from home is now an option.

Remote work has shown that 82 percent of telecommuters have lower stress levels than those who work in an office environment. This has not only a positive impact on the employees but the companies who allow them. The study conducted by PGI a provider of software services found that 80 percent of the remote workers had a higher work morale whilst working from home.

Work in comfort

More employees are spending less time on-site and more working from their home, as they enjoy the independence of being their own boss. Of course, not all industries are on board with this procedure, but more are seeing the positive links to boosting work morale having employees Work From Home. Industries climbing on board of this trend is mainly finance and insurance companies.

Of course with most jobs there are pros and cons to weight up should you choose to work from home, distractions are easy in the home. Setting rules and boundaries where you can achieve success in the home is a priority. However, a disciplined remote worker can produce a higher quality of work, 30 percent said that they could accomplish more in less time.

The key to is to make a space specifically for your work which allows you to have success from home. Some can see working from home as laying in bed working on the laptop. The idea is you can work wherever you like and what works best for you as an employee when the reality of this will soon wear off.

Parts of the home should be a place to de-stress not to take the worries of the working day too.

Be sure to work in a natural light with a separate space is great to be efficient and productive.

Finding Bliss

The main joy of working from home is avoiding a stressful commute with the average commute for workers being 60-90 minutes this takes up a lot of time.This also puts stress at the start of the day, working from home the task can be started straight away without time-consuming travel.

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