Kroger is eliminating the senior discount program in its stores. Initially, the announcement might have seemed like a bad thing. Along with the announcement about the program being eliminated, Kroger announced what the Supermarket Chain is doing in its place.

Check your Kroger store

It is wise to check the Kroger store in your own area because all of the stores do not have the same policies. Besides, Kroger already discontinued the program in some states earlier this year. It was discontinued in Texas on February 8. The stores in Tennessee made the change on March 15.

People in Virginia can expect the change to become effective on May 23. The program that began in the early 2000s for customers ages 59 and over will be eliminated in all Kroger stores in 2017.

Kroger is replacing its Senior Discount program with something that will benefit all shoppers and not just seniors. Instead of making discounts available for only seniors, Kroger wants to pass savings on to everybody. Instead of just giving a discount to one group of shoppers on a certain day of the week, Kroger wants all customers to save every time they shop no matter what day of the week it is.

Shoppers can expect to see lower prices on popular items that customers usually purchase every week. There will be thousands of items in the store so that everyone will have the opportunity to save.

Older customers might miss getting their discount at first, but after a while they will not miss it as much because they will enjoy savings on so many items in the store.

If you are a Kroger shopper, expect to receive a notification through regular mail or through e-mail messages because Kroger will notify customers about the change.

In some states, the supermarket will also discontinue its double coupon policy. Information about that change will probably be in your notification letter as well.

About Kroger

Kroger is not in every state in the United States. However, that doesn't keep it from being the largest supermarket chain by revenue in the country. Last year alone, the chain's revenue was $109.83 billion.

Kroger is only behind Walmart in that regard. Kroger is the third largest retailer in the entire world.

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