Drizly is an App that enables users to shop for wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages which they are sure to receive within one hour due to the app’s partnership with retailers across the country. In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, the company recently released a poll that asked consumers how they planned to recover from the holiday. “When it comes to recovery, people are game to try some pretty crazy hangover cures like raw egg smoothies, pickle juice, and so on,” said CEO & Co-Founder Nick Rellas and added that the poll revealed that Irish Stout is the beer of choice on St.

Patrick’s Day. “We love learning about our customer and understanding their drinking habits since we’re kind of data geeks here,” Nick continued. “Polling people about how they celebrate—and recover from—Saint Patrick’s Day—was fun and informative. We were surprised to learn that men and women have very different recovery methods, with men reporting that they like to sweat it out while women prefer to sleep it off.”


Drizly is a Startup company that began with a text message at 2 am between founders Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson when they expressed wonder about what it would be like to have alcohol delivered like an Uber car. “After a night had spent reviewing the Massachusetts Alcohol Code and endless discussion, we realized it wasn't illegal at all, it just had never been done the right way,” Nick Rellas explained.

“We started speaking with experts in the industry, attorneys, regulators, liquor stores, distributors, and suppliers to understand what would need to be done to allow for the delivery of product in such a regulated industry.” The name was selected after a brainstorm session where both founders’ mothers preferred the name “Drizly.” The idea of using polls to monitor consumer feedback is a new concept that has worked well based on the feedback they garnered from the recent Saint Patrick's Day poll and the company will likely continue to employ such methods.

Nick readily noted that such polls are valuable to the company’s plans. “As we continue to grow as a brand,” he stated, “it’s important to keep pace with our customers and their drinking habits, especially directly before and after holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.”


Drizly has been growing rapidly with operations in other forty cities across the United States and Canada.

They are also actively expanding their website, especially when it comes to offering booze-related tips, recipes, and trends on their website. “Because of how easy our platform is for stores to use, we’re constantly on-boarding new retailers in each of our markets to serve our customers better,” Nick said. “We’re continuing to expand and find new ways to please customers. We are also always seeking new retail partners and networks throughout the country and beyond.”