In a recent video hosted with The Young Turks, Farron Cousins, host with The Ring Of Fire, spoke about nine pieces of legislation currently passing through the U.S. House of Representatives, which he says "scale back" civil liberties, as well as "overall democracy," in the United States.

The host, who is an ordained minister, observed that President Donald Trump, and the regular debacles that seem to plague his cabinet, act as an effective "distraction," keeping the media, and the American public, from paying much attention to the GOP bills.

Farron Cousins listed the bills, and the areas they effect: H.R.861, to close the Environmental Protection Agency; H.R.610, to fund private schools with tax dollars; H.R.899, to close the Department of Education; H.G.R.69, to strike down a regulation that protects wildlife; H.R.370, the legislation that will repeal Obamacare; H.R.354, which deals with removing funding from Planned Parenthood; H.R.785, which Mr.

Cousins describes as "making it virtually impossible for unions to survive;" H.R.83, which details "mobilizing against sanctuary cities;" and H.R.147, the bill that will "criminalize" abortions.

Nine bills 'stripping away' rights of Americans

Out of the nine bills listed by The Ring of Fire host, he asked his listeners to consider the number that are effectively "stripping away" the rights of U.S. citizens.

He listed "criminalizing abortion," "right-to-work legislation," axing the EPA, and terminating the Department of Education. He asked if a lack of caring about the environment and education was behind the Republicans' decision to introduce the legislation.

The MENSA member stated that results like this is what follows when "an idiot" like President Trump is elected to the White House.

Cousins described the president "distracting the press" from events of consequence, what's "actually happening" in the United States.

Speaking toward the controversy surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his ties to the Russian government, Farron Cousins expressed the view that, of course, such events "absolutely have to be" covered.

Farron Cousins raises possibility of Trump impeachment

Cousins asked his listeners to remember Republican House and Senate majorities, which are working to "strip away our rights and benefits," such as a "clean environment," "quality education" for America's children, health care, and the right to choose.

The Ring of Fire host described the situation as "fascism at its finest," and "insanity." He offered that it was possible that Donald Trump could face impeachment, and that Vice President Mike Pence faces the "same thing," but noted that, no matter what, Republican House and Senate majorities will remain, and that the bills are about issues that the politicians "campaigned on," perhaps endowing them with a sense of the possession of a mandate.