In Wisconsin at a town hall event, Bernie Sanders addressed the opinion on why Donald Trump won the presidency. It has nothing to do with that the media was pushing on Trump, but about the working men and women who are over 55 and don't have enough money to retire from the workforce. So what does that mean for those folks who can't enjoy the simple life? Many of these people continue to work and the job markets become strained. As more and more young people are trying to enter the market looking for jobs, many of these people are delaying their retirement because they often don't have anything to retire on.

Backing up claim

The most recent research was done in 2013 when Wesley College did a study and found 52 percent of workers over 55 had no independent Retirement account or contributing account such as a 401(k). But at the town hall meeting Sanders hosted, within that area, there were only 41 percent of people unable to retire or had no retirement fund.

However, the study was inconclusive to reveal that there are people who are over 55 and have retirement accounts or contributing accounts through corporate benefits. While some people do have money saved up for retirement, there are some other ways to make sure you can retire early and have enough funds to last you a lifetime. The best way is to start young.

When you graduate from college and get a job, the best thing you can do is see if you are eligible for retirement planning and see which plans best suit your need. There are plenty of Millennials who do not consider saving up for retirement, but it is a great thing to start doing. You never know when you may need to retire.

True or false

While the statement Sanders said was somewhat true, there was a small group within the study who had an average of $1,000 in savings to help with retirement or had some money saved up for them to enjoy retirement, but that was only 39 percent of the people studied in that age group.

There are some people who like to retire and there are some people who like to work. But trying to keep something going when you are tired of doing it isn't the best thing for you, especially if you want to spend more time with family and grandchildren.