Hello Blasters,

We have made a lot of exciting changes to Blasting News’ platform and we can now provide higher-engagement, better SEO rankings and more views and earnings to your articles!

We are happy to share them with you. Below are some highlights:

- New more user-friendly layout - check it out!

- Revised the placement of the advertisements so that you can read BN articles better in full

- New added SEO keyword tool implemented to better your SEO rankings and help with writing relevant titles headlines

- Changed the character count amount where writers can write as much content as they want

- Brought on more successful Social Blasters who are committed to sharing your articles

- Added a "Social Day" so you can double your social earnings, granted you share your published articles :)

-Current compensation is $3 guarantee per article ON TOP of our standard compensation rate

Given all these new improvements, there really isn't a better time to be part of Blasting News than now.

So, what are you waiting? Write you next piece now!


Keep blasting,

The Blasting News USA Team

Blasting News

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