Hello Blasters!

From today onwards you’ll find an exciting new addition to your dashboard, just before the share buttons!

Blasters now have the option to add an alternative headline to an article, that will only appear on social media posts when the article is shared on social media platforms — this new feature is called “Social Headline”.

This alternative headline should be optimized with effective keywords, adjectives and call-to-actions, while still adhering to our acceptable content guidelines.

It’s your chance to make it sound a little more catchy!

If you decide not to include a Social Headline, just don't fill in this field, and we will use the main headline of your article as a default.

What's the difference between the "Headline" and the "Social Headline"?

Using a great headline can make a huge difference in how successful your article performs on social media. However, sometimes catchy Headlines don't always work to your advantage with SEO, making your piece rank lower on search engines.

So, because we know that competing for clicks on social media is getting more, and more difficult and that appealing to your audience with the right language is important - the Social Headline will provide all-around optimization opportunities.

The main difference is it's "click-ability". On BlastingNews.com we are looking for the editorial consistency that is in-line with our guidelines and doesn't sensationalize the news or opinions of Blasters, with a focus on the use of keywords, for SEO.

Social Headline Guidance

Thinking of an effective Social Headline requires you to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Try asking yourself; “If I came across this article on social media, what headline would entice me to read more?”

Coming up with good Social Headlines takes practice, so experiment with different tones and buzzwords to see what works best for you and your audience; here are some tips:

  • Both headlines must clearly reflect the content of the article - and the social headline must not be clickbait (e.g. promising something that that article doesn't contain).
  • If you ask a question in the headline, it must be answered within the article. Always include the country, subject, person or group that's been written about in the title or subheading.
  • Ideally, if you use a Call To Action - include it at the beginning of the headline, e.g. "Watch: The emotional moment a cat was reunited with its owner after 10 years”
  • Creating a good Social Headline isn’t about concealing a piece of information - sometimes providing more information can have the same effect.


Blasting News Headline: Think the fidget spinner is bad?

Meet the toothpick crossbow

Social Headline: Forget fidget spinners — there's a new toy craze scaring parents

Blasting News Headline: This baby elephant was drowning when her heroic family came to the rescue

Social Headline: Watch these elephants save one of their own from drowning

Blasting News Headline: Liverpool sign Mohammad Salah for a record $46.8m

Social Headline: Liverpool sign star Roma winger for a record $46.8m

We hope that this new feature will help you be as successful as possible on our platform. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us@blastingnews.com.

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