New Blasting News Compensation Scheme

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in our survey to decide the next Blasting News compensation Scheme. It has been an intense challenge. And the winner is…
Fixed compensation of $3 ON TOP of the current variable compensation!

Fixed compensation of $3 ON TOP of the current compensation!

How does it work?
As already announced, from tonight (March 8, 2017) at 6PM EST you will get paid at least $3 for each article you publish.
This is a fixed amount ON TOP of the variable compensation, not a minimum guarantee.
This means that as soon as you get readers on your article, you will start making money again-- thanks to the social and generic variable compensation.
This compensation model should act as an additional incentive to share your work with your friends whether via Facebook, Facebook groups or on your other social media profiles (we know you all have many!).
An example?
You publish an article on Showbiz-TV:
if your article reaches 300 readers from social media: you earn $6.8 ($3.0 fixed + $3.8 variable compensation)
if your article reaches 5,000 readers from social media: you earn $66.0 ($3.0 fixed + $63.0 variable compensation)
How long does this compensation model last?
We are hoping to make this new compensation scheme permanent. So, no more changes, unless otherwise communicated.
In any case, if we have to make certain changes (and we are really hoping we won't), we will all make the decision together, through a survey like we did with this one.
When do you get paid?
No changes again:
The fixed amount of $3 per article will be paid automatically every Tuesday following the week the article is published. You do not need to request any payment for it.
Help us to help you: we will process your weekly payment as soon as you reach $15 (5 articles published) in fixed amounts.
The variable compensation, instead, will be still processed on a monthly basis, once you request your payment from your Blasting News account.
How can I track my results?
As soon as possible, the platform will be upgraded to reflect this bonus in the total earnings tab.
Therefore for every article you have published from today, Wednesday, March 8th at 6:00 PM and onwards, you will see the additional $3 fixed present in your platform.
So, get started writing and sharing now!
If you have any doubts, please get in touch:
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